Friday, 1 June 2018

Dancing Through Life's Lessons: Dear Darling

Dear darling,

     I know deep inside, you may think of yourself in black and white and you may judge yourself unfavorably.

     You call yourself hostile names, and you may believe too much bad of your mind and heart.
Sometimes you may think you’re undeserving of love, because you feel awful and difficult and strange.

     You may give yourself a million excuses to explain why the world, your friends, and family are too gentle with you.

     But darling, let me tell you how I see you. I understand the need to berate yourself, but let me share a secret: nobody is perfect.

     And I’ve learned to see that living between my black and white, my good and bad,bare so many shades of gray, and a myriad of colors.

     Every time you smile, and every time you give yourself, it makes you who you are, which is perfectly imperfect and strikingly attractive in its very own way.

     Please, dear darling, don’t call yourself those nasty names. I don’t believe you’re terrible, and I am sorry you feel that way, about yourself.

     We are all comprised of black and white and good and bad. Instead of placing your primary focus on blaming yourself and roller-coaster guilt-trips, look me in the eye, and I will tell you again and again, how beautiful, inspiring and strong your heart is.

     Yes, including those ups and downs. And maybe, just maybe, because of it, dear darling, you’re perfectly imperfect.

By: Gittere Schwartz 

For more information on Borderline Personality Disorder, click here.

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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

From The Heart: Life Update

     Hello everyone. I think you all deserve an update about my blog and where it's going. Right now, I am having massive writers block and so I am taking a break from blogging. I've also been dealing with personal issues and I need time to myself in order to get everything back on track. If, I happen to get anyone to do guest posts for me, I will be sure to post them for you all.
     I will continue on with my Youtube Channel which is what I really want to focus on for now. In order to somewhat continue on with this blog, at the end of each month, I will do a monthly summary called My Home News, just so you are updated with what's been going on in my life as well as links to all the YouTube videos from that month. I will also try to have a Life Lesson out at the beginning of each month. Thank you all for understanding. I will be back soon.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

School Series: Backpack Essentials for College Students

     Hello everyone. I apologize for ignoring my blog last month. I've been going through a really dark time with my mental and physical health and I just needed time for myself. But I am back into the blogosphere.
  Today, I bring to you a post about the backpack essentials for college students as well as some of my own personal tips and tricks. I hope you enjoy this post and if you do please remember to give this post a +1 on Google+, leave me a comment and share it with all your friends.

Image Credit goes to Tara Michelle 

1. Your wallet
     The last thing you want to do is go out for lunch with friends after classes are over only to find out that you left your wallet at home. For me it's absolutely humiliating to either ask my Dad to send me money or to ask a friend to pay for my food. Obviously, I pay my friend back ASAP but it's still hugely embarrassing. Be proactive and keep it with you at all times.

2. Your keys
     Being a college student means that often you'll be going in and out of your dorm or even leaving campus for doctors appointments etc. I have a carabiner that has all my keys on it. I also have a unique keychain on mine for easier identification in case it get's lost. This is also what blind people do, in order to recognize things they own.

3. Headphones or earbuds
     It's absolutely vital to have earbuds or headphones with you because they are the perfect accessory if you're at a coffee shop and you need to get into your zone without all the distractions of the environment around you. It's also a good thing to have when you have to be out somewhere but you don't want to be bothered. 9/10 people won't approach you if you have your earbuds in. If you only have one in, as I commonly do, people may come up to me but most of the time they don't. One earbud in means you don't mind some distractions. Two earbuds in means you do not want to be bothered. 

4. Your laptop, cell phone and chargers
     Even if you weren't planning on using it it's always a good idea to have it on hand so you can follow along the lecture better if your professor puts on the power point presentations online before class begins. This is what I did in social psych. I listened to the teacher speaking while following along at my own pace, writing by hand the slides verbatim. Writing things by hand helps me remember things better.
     It's always a good idea to have your phone on you in case of an emergency. And having all the necessary chargers will ensure that nothing dies on you during class or a study session etc.

5. Flash drive
     Always have all your work backed up on a flash drive in case your laptop crashes or the school's wifi isn't working.

6. Binder or notebook
     If you're like me who remembers things better you must have your binder or notebooks with you. It's always embarrassing when you have to ask a classmate for a piece of paper (high school much?) Along the same lines make sure you have pens, pencils, highlighters, white-out on hand.

7. Planner
     The best students are the organized students. Sure an app on your phone may work but I highly recommend investing in an actual planner. You can get planners basically everywhere. My planner is a Passion Planner. It's a little expensive but it's worth every cent.

8. Healthy snacks and drinks
     Having something like trail mix on hand is always a good idea because learning is exhausting and having a healthy snack with you will help you from making bad junk food choices. While some people say gatorade is unhealthy it actually is borderline healthy/unhealthy. It's unhealthy with the amount of sugar in it but it does helps immensely with electrolytes. Vitamin Water is another good idea.

9. Feminine products
     The last thing you want is for your menstrual cycle to come by surprise. It's even worse when you don't have any pads or tampons with you. Keep at least four of each as a emergency stash because you can help other girls out too. Having hair ties on hand too is a smart idea in cause you get that awful feeling of wanting to tie your hair up and you don't have anything to use for that. Lotion, hand sanitizers and travel perfume are also good ideas.

     So there you have it. Backpack essentials for college students. As always, don't forget to give it a +1 on Google+, follow me on all my social media sites, and let me know what you would like to hear about next.  I love you all. See you next week!

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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Your Best Body: Second Companies

     Hey everyone. I hope you all are having a good month of April so far. Can you believe that May is almost upon us. This year has gone by way too fast.
     Anyways, today, I wanted to talk to you all about something I believe that would benefit the dancers, like myself, who would like to dance professionally but the real professional world is too cutthroat for them. And that is…Second Companies. Enjoy!

My background
     When I was a Freshman and Sophomore in high school, my dream was to become a professional ballerina. I trained for hours on end, for years. I devoured any ballet book or movie I could lay my hands on. I was a total bunhead. After I got a bad taste of what professional dancing is like by being kicked out of a part in a ballet I worked so incredibly hard for and rightfully deserved, I realized that maybe being part of a main ballet company would be too much for me. So I started researching Second Companies.
     Second companies (ex. Ballet West II) is similar to that of a training school (ex. the Royal Ballet School) but you are a professional and you get to be in performances with the main company as well as doing your own shows. Here is some information about second companies for you dancers who are considering a career in the ballet world. Enjoy!

What is a second company?
     A second company is a small dance company which often six to 12 performers that is affiliated with a professional company. Most second companies hire dancers between ages 16 and 23. The contract length varies, but it’s usually one to three years. After your contract is up, you are either accepted into the main company or you have to find somewhere else to dance. Second companies is a great starting place to those dancers who are still not sure if this is what they want as a career.

How do I get into a second company?
     Obviously, you'll audition. In some cases, that means going to the main company audition and being asked to join the second company instead. In other cases, the second company holds an audition of its own. Most of the time you can audition when you're around 15 or 16, depending on the company.
     Some second companies prefer to hire dancers from their affiliated schools. The studio I danced at, Northwest School for Ballet, would be like a second company to the State Street Ballet of Santa Barbara and the Sacramento Ballet as usually we’ll feed into one of those companies when our time at Northwest is over.
     Another example is that, Ailey II has a strong tradition of selecting dancers from The Ailey School. “Our audition is for students of the school,” explains Troy Powell, Ailey II’s artistic director, “but we might also invite someone we saw at a main company audition or who we’ve worked with in the past who we think might be a good fit.”
     Still other companies use their summer intensive as an audition. “Ballet Austin rarely hires from open cattle-call auditions. If they’re interested, they’ll invite you to the summer program so they can get to know you as a dancer. They offer second company contracts after that.” says Nicole Voris, a dancer with Ballet Austin II.

What performance opportunities will I have?
     One of the really nice perks of being in a second company is you'll have the experience to preform both with the main company as well as just by yourself. “At BAII we have our own rep, so we’re working one-on-one with choreographers on premieres,” Voris says. “For me, it’s been great to get experience dancing lead roles, as well as helping to develop choreography.”
     A lot of second companies also have extensive outreach efforts. On top of its two annual tours and its NYC season, Ailey II does many lecture-demonstrations and informal performances in local schools. With T2, Bamberger has danced in retirement homes, children’s hospitals and other unconventional settings—as well as on major stages around the world.

Will I get promoted into the main company?
     Working with the second company allows the organization to see how you mesh with the directors, choreographers and other dancers. If you work hard and show you’re right for the job, you have a good chance of realizing your main company dreams. Voris says most of Ballet Austin’s dancers came through BAII. The biggest variable you have to worry about is whether there’s a main company contract available when your time with the second company is up. If you don't get accepted into the main company, you can always try and get your contract renewed for a year or you can try to dance somewhere else.

Is it a paid job?
     It depends on the company. You'll normally get a salary that’s enough to live on. Other times you might get a weekly paycheck or you might be paid per performance. In some cases, the second company is a pre-professional program, rather than a paying gig. In that case, you might actually have to pay tuition. (ex. the Northwest School for Ballet. This is where I dance.)

My experience
     Like I mentioned earlier, I dance at a second company. Ee perform our own repertoire (ex. Don Q was our spring ballet and Coppelia was our summer ballet), and some of our dancers go on to become professionals at the State Street Ballet of Santa Barbara or the Sacramento Ballet. The only different thing is that, as I mentioned above, some second companies are more like a pre-professional program and that if that is the case, you'd have to pay tuition. The monthly tuition isn't super expensive at the Northwest School for Ballet but it’s still pretty pricy compared to other studios I’ve danced at that are not considered "pre-professional" even thought the training was very similar.
     So as you can see, joining a second company seems like a really good idea for those dancers, like me, who aren't 100% if being a professional ballerina is the right career choice for them. They are many success stories about dancers who started off in a second company and then made it big when they joint the main company.
     A few examples of this are, Katharine Precourt who is a First soloist with the Houston Ballet, Susan Gartell who is a dancer with the Milwaukee Ballet and Lamoi Hedrington who is a dancer with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.
     Katherine says that, “During my two years with Houston Ballet II, my most valuable experience was the opportunity to work with the main company, both as an understudy and performing in full-length ballets. A second company is ideal preparation for what to expect when you join a professional company, and makes the transition from school to work much easier.”
     Susan tells us that, “Being in Milwaukee Ballet II was important for me in part because I didn’t grow up at a school attached to a company. In MBII, there was a lot of interaction with the main company, so I got advice and insight into the professional world. Plus, the intensity of the training we got in MBII helped get  me technically ready to join the main company.”
     I would like to add that, "The studio in my hometown, Yosemite Dance Company, that I was at for quite a while definitely felt like a second company even though we didn't get paid. And instead of joining a "main company" we were either invited to join their Elite Competition Team or when we were old enough, to join the company as a ballet mistress. In that case, we would get paid. While pre-professional dancing is not for me anymore, since starting college, dance will always be a part of me, wherever I go."
     Lamoi would like all the young dancers out there to know that, “A second company opens your eyes to the life of a dancer. It also gives you time to hone your craft—while taking classes with amazing teachers. DCDC2 helped me find my voice. When I had free time I’d watch the main company rehearse. I saw how they moved and interacted with each other, and I knew this was the place I wanted to be.”

All the lovely ladies who were (and few still are) part of YDC.
(L to R: Lauren, Audrey, Dana, Mckenzie (teacher), me and Reese).
This photo was from my senior year in HS. I'm the shortest and the 
oldest dancer there by 4-5 years. The only dancer in the photo who still dances at YDC is me.
 Dana and Reese dance elsewhere and Lauren and Audrey have stopped dancing, unfortunately.

    And there you have it. All the information about second companies. As always please give this post a +1 on Google+, follow me on all my social media sites and leave me a comment below telling me what you've been loving this fall/winter are. See you next week.

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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Dancing Through Life's Lessons: Faith Over Fear

     Happy Easter everyone. If you had asked me last November if I would be here right now, about to tell you the most vulnerable thing about myself, I would have said no. Last November, I had easily the scariest experience of my life and today I am telling you that story. Originally, my story would be posted on Christ Centered Girls, first, before I decided to share it with all of you on here. But today is the day that my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, rose from the dead. He has been there through so much in my life and I really wouldn't be here without His father, Jesus Himself, and the Holy Spirit (yes, I'm Catholic in case you were wondering). So let's just get into this story.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. ~ Hebrews 11:1
     Last year, I was admitted to the emergency room under a 5150 hold. For those of you who don’t know what a 5150 hold is, it’s an involuntary psych hold that can be placed upon a person if they can’t provide shelter for themselves or they are an apparent danger to themselves or to other people. You typically would never imagine a girl like me, who has everything going for her to end up on a call like that, but I did. Here is my story about one of the most fearful experiences of my life and how I had to choose faith over fear.
     On November 13th, 2017 at around 4:30pm I had a fight via text with a friend. She said some very nasty things to me and I was immensely hurt by that because I called this girl, my sister. I wanted to self harm and I did. It was just scratches on my arm, nothing that would actually cause serious damage. I confided in a friend, whom I also called sister, and both of my “sisters” decided the best thing they could have done for me was to call the cops and put me on the 5150 psych hold. By the time I was at the hospital and was admitted it was approximately 6:30pm.
     Looking back on that day now, I see why they did what they did but I can guarantee you that they made the wrong choice. The better choice would have been coming to my home at University and helping me through the pain I was feeling, rather than doing something as drastic as calling the cops on me. I wasn’t a danger to myself or to anyone else even though I had thoughts of suicide running through my mind but because I had self harmed, I had to go to the hospital. There was nothing my parents or I could have done about that. It was hands down the worst experience I’ve ever had in my entire life. I spent SEVEN agonizing hours in the Emergency Room, with no food, no meds, security guards around me watching my every move, not being able to talk to my Dad who was in the waiting room with zero information about how I was doing (they couldn’t tell him anything because I’m over the age of 18). My mum was calling every hour and even she wasn’t told anything. I was in a constant panic attack state no matter what I tried to do to calm myself down.
     There was one security guard in particular who was literally a Godsend for me. He talked me through every panic attack I had, he prayed with me and tried to use my methods of distraction (talking) to help calm me down. He is the one person I was immensely grateful for being in contact with during those first few hours.
     The first three hours were the worst because that’s how long I was told I would be there for. But as the time past on I got more and more scared. I started bawling my eyes out just praying to God to take me. I don’t remember when but at some point during those seven hours I felt a wave of warm serenity. I felt comfortable and a bit more at peace about the situation. It wasn’t until I later, that found out that God was letting me feel my mum’s warmth and love even though I was ninety minutes away from her. I was also feeling Him there even though, at the time, I couldn’t fathom why a “good father” would let me experience something so horrific.
     At approximately 1:00am when the on-call Social Worker saw me and released me from that hold. My Dad was finally able to see me and I was able to talk to my mum on the phone. The three of us did a lot of crying and saying, “I love you” to each other. I could tell that they were as scared for my life and my mental state as I was. I didn’t get back to the home I grew up in until 2:30am.
     My pain unfortunately did not end there. I still had to face my housemates who were at the scene as well as other people from my University who knew about what happened. I developed Acute Stress Disorder (aka the parent to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and spent the next month getting barely any sleep, taking new medications, and trying my best to push through the nightmares, flashbacks and panic attacks that followed. I, unfortunately, still deal with those things today but they are not nearly as bad as they used to be.
     This was the time when I had to put all my faith in God. I didn’t know what would happen to me, when I would see my family again or if I would even survive the experience. But now, I know that, “There is a reason I am still standing even though I never knew if I’d be landing. I will run fast, outlast, everyone that said no!” (All The King’s Horses by Karmina). I put my faith in Him and I had hope that everything would work out. I was certain that he would help me find my way back to myself again and He did. I found my way back to myself through a therapy called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).
     I lost a part of my soul - my living essence - that night and I was able to retrieve that missing piece of me through this therapy. I was able to “see” myself in the hospital bed and I was able to sing to her, the girl I left behind. I sang “All” and “I Don’t Mind” by the band Joseph. If it wasn’t for this therapy, I don’t know where I would be today.
     I’m still not okay. I’m still not great. I’m still not fantastic. But I am doing better. And I will continue to get better each and every day, as long as I focus on the here and the now. Those memories, that experience is a part of me, but I am stronger than they are. My life is a sum of my choices not someones [with the best intentions] trespasses against me. And I choose to forgive those who have trespassed against me, just as Jesus Christ forgives me for my trespasses.
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future. ~ Proverbs 31:25

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Essential Eats: Smoothies!

     Hey everyone. Welcome back to the blog that it used to be. I hope you all are enjoying me bringing back the things that were the core of this blog when I first started it. Now that my love for dancing has returned, I am finally able to write about the things I was passionate about years ago.
     Anyways, today's post is about three smoothies that are phenomenal for dancers, and surprisingly are also really good for people with Gastroparesis. So let's sip right in (no pun intended).

Antioxidant Powerhouse Smoothie
Good for before or after a performance. Especially good during tech week!
Nutritional Info:
300 Calories
A good source of: Vitamin A, Potassium, Omega 6, Calcium, and Fibre.

1 C of Original Almond Breeze
1 C of Spinach
1 tbs of Chia Seeds
1/3 Frozen Blueberries
1/2 Frozen Banana
1/2 Cup of crushed ice

Pour all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

PBJ Smoothie
Good for after a performance. Especially good before a performance.
Nutritional Info:
180 Calories 
A good source of: Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium and Fibre.

1 C Sweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze
3/4 Frozen Strawberries
1 Tbs of Peanut Butter
1 Tbs Flax Seed Meal
1/2 Frozen Banana
1/2 Cup of crushed ice

Pour all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

Mango & Watermelon Smoothie
Great for before or after performances or auditions. 
(Side Note: The ingredients may sound odd but I promise you that they work so well together).
Nutritional Info: 
100 Calories. 
A good source of: Vitamin C, Potassium, and Fibre.
+ Low Carb + Hydrating

1 C Frozen Mango
1 C Fresh Watermelon
1 Handful of beetroot greens (or any greens you like)
1/2 Frozen Banana
1/2 Cup of crushed ice


Pour all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

     I hope this post was long enough, or close to the length of my normal posts. I'm still trying to work through my writers block but I really hoped you liked this post. If you recreate any of my smoothies be sure to tag me on Instagram and Twitter both @ballerinaboss_. 
     As always, don't forget to give it a +1 on Google+, follow me on all my social media sites, and let me know what you would like to hear about next.  I love you all. See you next week!

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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Get Ready With Me: My Perfect Evening

     Hello everyone. A year ago today, I wrote a blog post called Get Ready With Me: My Perfect Morning and because it's exactly one year later I thought I would write the second part of that post. And that is My Perfect Evening. Just like last year, I want to give a shoutout to my Dad who's birthday was yesterday as well as my dog Bella who is now 2 (or 23 in human years).
     As for other news I have been deathly sick for the past week due to my physical pain being through the roof as well as some mental/emotional/spiritual shit going down. I am doing better than I was a week ago but I am still coming to terms with what happened and how I can prevent something like that from happening again (in short I wanted to take more of my pain meds but I accidentally took more of a different med that looks identical. It ended up in an accidental overdose. I was super fragile, nauseous, dehydrated, in pain etc for about four days. I had a 3 day long migraine and I definitely slept a whole lot during those days. I was even having panic attacks in my sleep. It was the worst experience of my life and definitely a just punishment for me a) not listening to my body and b) not looking at the label of the med I was taking).
     Now enough of my rambling. Let's get right on to the post about what a perfect evening looks like for me. This post is about my perfect evening at home due to the fact that I am taking the semester off  school but this post also applies to what a perfect evening of mine would look like at school. This post is not at all related to the days I have dance class in the evening because my dance classes throw this regime off so much.
     Because I am constantly working on blog posts, youtube videos, as well as class work, physiotherapy, etc I have very busy days. There is no set time of when my morning starts but I try to make it a 9am to 5pm kinda thing with breaks of course to eat, take care of my health etc. I want to get in the habit of a 9am to 5pm job now because once I become a licensed Rehabilitation Counsellor, it will definitely be a 9am to 5pm kind of job.
     Once it's around 5pm I will either take a shower and wash my hair. There is something that is just so soothing about a shower for me. It signifies the end of the work day and time to relax. I love my Vanilla Blush and Peony body wash from Grace & Cole. It's a really light and soft scent that really does make a huge difference to me. It's calming and when followed up with the lotion as well as the body mist, this light floral fragrance lasts for ages.
     As for my hair, I first wash it with Maui Moisture Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair and then I follow up with the conditioner from the same line. What I love about this brand is that the scents are not overpowering and are all very fresh since everything is plant based which is super healthy for your hair. Once my hair is towel dried I will add some Argan Oil also from the Maui Moisture line as well as some Garnier Serum to make my hair super shiny. Depending on what I want to do with my hair, I will either add Garnier Volume Boost Moose to the roots of my hair to add some volume. From there I will either blow dry my hair straight with a flat brush or I will add some Not Your Mothers Sea Salt Spray before putting all the long parts of my hair into two space buns, and then I will braid the short bits. It sounds like a weird hair-do to sleep in and yes, if the buns aren't high enough then yes, it is uncomfortable, but I'm telling you, when I take my hair out in the morning it looks like I spent ages curling my hair when I really didn't. After showering and moisturizing my skin I will change into PJs which are usually one of the many PJ sets I have.
     Once my hair is done and out of my way I will wash my face, I typically wash my face with the Origins A Perfect World White Tea wash and exfoliate my face with the Neutrogena Acne Srub. I try to do this in the shower because it's easier I didn't, I'll do it once my hair is done. I love doing face masks, I do them at least twice a week. My favorite mask at the moment is First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask With Red Clay. It's the least painful and easiest peel off mask I've ever used. It really does a good job of cleaning out my pores. I also love the Rose Sheet Mask from Origins.
     While my mask is drying, usually about 20-30 minutes depending on how thick of a layer I put on is, I go make myself a cup of tea and cook dinner. As a poor college student, my dinners mostly consist of me trying to use whatever random ingredients we have around the house. Most often it's my signature pasta dish or veggie soup. As for tea, it's normally it's the Tiny Tea from Your Tea. It's a really good detoxifying tea that has actually aided me in weight gain instead of weight loss. You're "supposed" to use it three times a day for either 28 days or 14 days. I tend to drink it half an hour after dinner.
     When my mask is dry, I'll go peel it off and I'll instantly rub some Origins Original Skin Essence Lotion. After that I will follow up with a mix of Farsali Unicorn Essence Serum and Clean & Clear Acne Control Moisturizer.
     Once I've eaten and finished at least 3-4 episodes of Reign (yes, I am that obsessed with the show), I will take my dog out for a short walk so she can finish doing her doggy duties. Since it's light out so much later in the day now because of Spring Forward (Daylight Savings), I can get away with taking my dog on walks, (or wheels in my case), later in the day.
     Finally, I will go into my room with Bella and be the quiet introvert I always am. This is usually me doing my before bed medical things, turning on my essential oil diffuser (lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint) reading a book on my Kindle app, watching more Reign, playing games on my phone, coloring or doing my jazz class stretch routine. I honestly find the stretch routine to be very calming for me, even if the playlist isn't "calming" music.
     After I finish stretching, I will turn on an audiobook (which is a good distraction because my mental illnesses always get the better of me during the night) and eventually I drift off to dreamland with Bella curled up next to me. And yes, most of the time my dreams have a slight influence of whatever random audiobook I'm listening too. It's always a story I know by heart (i.e. Twilight, Narnia, Harry Potter etc).

"It's twilight. It's the safest time of day for us. The easiest time. 
But also the saddest, in a way … the end of another day, the return of the night. 
Darkness is so predictable, don't you think?" ~ Edward Cullen; Twilight by Stephanie Meyer p. 232. (pc: Simpli Charmed Photography)

     Ah yes, the incredibly long posts that Felicity writes are back! As always, if you enjoyed this post don't forget to give it a +1 on Google+, follow me on all my social media sites, and let me know what are some of your night time essentials.  I love you all. See you next week!

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