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Conversations with Felicity: Dance Q&A | Collab with Dance Your Buns Off

     Hello my pretties! I hope you all had a lovely first month of the year. I think January has been a decent month for me. I finally got to driving outside my neighboorhood and hit a speed higher than 25 mph. This may sound like not a big deal to many of you but it's a huge deal to me because driving has been one of my biggest fears. 
     Anyways, moving on to the adgenda for today. I've mentioned the fantastic new blog Dance Your Buns Off in which my blog was mentioned on their Ballet Resource Masterlist and then I wrote a guest post for them about Jealous Teammates. Today, I teamed up with two of the owners, Erin and Sophia to bring you a Q&A. Half of the questions are dance related and the second half isn't. All the questions on this post are questions I have not already answered here.
And due to the insane amount of questions we recieved, I divided the Q&A in half. So to read part two of the Q&A click here. As this post is very long, I suggest you make a cuppa and get comfortable. Now, let's begin!

Dance Questions
1. Would you rather have amazing flexibility or perfect turns?
 Felicity: Probably perfect turns because I’m not the best turner.  Having good flexibility and all is great but if you don’t have the strength to handle it, you can get serious injuries.
Erin: Turns for sure!
Sophia: Hmm, I think I turn pretty well as it is, so I would probably rather have the flexibility because my extensions are so-so. 

2. What is your favorite ballet step?
 Felicity: I love grande jetes, assombles, and “lame ducks” (aka step over pique).
 Erin: I love chaine turns. 
Sophia: I’m a big fan of fouettes, grande jetes,  and bournonville leaps.

3. Do you prefer, petite allegro or adagio?
 Tara: Peite allegro.
Erin: Adagio. 
Sophia: Adagio.

4. What is your “signature” ballet move(s)?
 Felicity: Borres, sousou, saut de chat, and step-over piques. 
 Erin: Pique Turns, chaine turns, Cambre back, and adagio. 
Sophia: Fouettes, Pas De Valse (waltz turns), and leaps,

5. What is your dancer “diet”?
         Felicity: I don’t have a “dancer’s diet” so to speak. I have to avoid certain foods (lactose, fried food, most fast foods, most sugary foods) due to my overly sensitive stomach. I’m not much of a meat eater either so I’m leaning towards vegetarian/vegan. I love salads with garlic oil and balsamic vinegar. 
Erin: I don’t really have a set diet. I try different things and definitely splurge every now and then. But I do love vegetable stir fry’s, and salads. As for snacks, I love halo’s oranges, pretzels, bananas, and cucumbers. 
Sophia: I don’t really have one, but I try (try being the key word here,) not to eat too much junk food, and when I do, I try to eat it in moderation. My favorite snacks are fruit, granola bars, yogurt, veggies, hummus with pretzel chips, or peanut butter.

6. What does your stretching routine look like?
         Felicity: I still follow the stretching routine we did at the beginning of jazz class. I do a bit of jump rope to warm up, before lots of stretches standing first and then do the same stretches sitting down. Then I lie down and do our leg extension to the head/splits stretches (which I do on my bed due to my messed up back). Finally I stretch out my back and hip flexors. 
Erin: After I'm completely warm I start with upper body, non static stretches. Shoulder rolls, side twists, neck rolls and a neck massage. Then I move onto my legs and feet, and I finish with my core.
Sophia: I don’t stretch a ton at home just in case I hurt myself somehow, but I do a nightly workout right before bed that includes abdominal work (planks, sit ups, etc), arms (pushups, and stretch my arms), feet (massage, stretch, and use my theraband to strengthen my feet), then I do front attitude lifts sitting down (and sitting as straight as possible,) with and without ankle weights. I usually stretch right after class when I’m still warm, or in the middle of class in the stretching time that is allowed.

7. What is your favorite variation that you have danced?
Felicity: Victoria from The Red Shoes. I found a variation online and actually taught it to myself and performed it for my theater class. 
Erin: I have yet to perform a variation on stage, but I love dancing La Gulnare from Le Corsaire and the third shade from La Bayadere. 
Sophia: Probably either Four Little Swans, or Kitri!

8. Do you have any future plans regarding your dance career?
Felicity: I am minoring in dance (majoring in psychology) and I plan to use dance as an alternative form of psychotherapy for my patients. Dance was my therapy during high school and hopefully it’ll help others too. Moving also releases endorphins (the happy hormones) which make you feel good. I always felt better after dance class if school was a bad day for me.
Erin: I hope to continue ballet and maybe even dance professionally. I'd also love to teach ballet in the future. 
Sophia: I’d love to work more with choreography, and teaching little ones. I’ve found that contemporary and modern are the styles I really love (not that I don’t love ballet too), and would love to work more with that and my choreography. 

9.What motivates you to keep dancing?
          Felicity: First of all, all of the people in my life who support me and my dancing are why I won’t quit. All the support I get on social media, my blog and in my personal life means a lot to me. Also, all the judges and teachers who believe in me are always inspiring me not to quit. And lastly, this quote, "If you ever feel like giving up, just remember there's a little girl watching who wants to be just like you. Don't disappoint her.” always reminds me that somewhere, someone looks up to me. And I won’t ever disappoint them. 
Erin: My teachers. I assist in the little kid classes with one of my favorite teachers, and she always has something nice to say about my dancing, which inspires me to work even harder. Also the crazy amazing support I get from my friends, family, and readers keeps me going even on my hardest days. 
Sophia: This is going to sound crazy, but I have no clue. It could be that whenever I think about quitting I have no idea as to what I would do instead, or why I would ever quit. The constant support from my family and friends is amazing, and I love all of my dance friends, and my teachers are all kind, and loving people. But I have no idea to what exactly keeps me dancing, all I know is that I can’t stop because I just love it too much.

10. Do you have any extension tips?
         Felicity: Being able to do the splits on all three sides (center, left and right) as well has having strong quads and not super tight hip flexors. To read more click here.
Erin: Stretch every day for the best results! A great way to open up your hips to allow your leg to get up, Is to sit with your legs crossed, overlapping at the knees, and slowly bend over. 
Sophia: Make sure you stretch out your hip flexors, and try to do your splits beforehand. When it comes time to do an extension, try to get your knee up as far as it’ll go before you straighten your knee, that way you're not trying to lift the full weight of your leg as you’re trying to straighten it.

11. What ballet method do you study?
          Felicity: I study RAD (Royal Academy of Dance). I’m at the Advanced II level.
Erin: What Sophie said. 
Sophia: At my school we study the Cecchetti technique as a base, but sometimes we will have Vaganova arms, Russian body positions, etc,  to change it up a little.  

12. Do you like ballet?
         Felicity: Whenever someone asks me this question I always respond with the quote, “No, I do not love ballet. I am constantly at war with it. I’ll never be good enough and I’ll always be making mistakes. But you know, it’s worth it. Ballet is the only way I know how to live. And the only way I can. Take it away from me and I’m nothing. So no, I do not love ballet. I’m alive because of it. Ballet is how I live.” 
Erin: Felicity's quote couldn't have said it better. Not trying to sound cliche, but it makes me feel alive. 

Sophia: I like ballet for many reasons; the discipline, the beauty, the gracefulness, etc. I think it’s such a beautiful dancing style, and I’m not sure I see myself going into ballet professionally, but yes, I like ballet.

Non-Dance Questions
1. What are your guilty pleasures?
Felicity: When it comes to food, I love any kind of chocolate with caramel. As for TV,  the adult shows I love are Game of Thrones, Revenge, Flesh & Bone and Downton Abbey. I also love classic teenage girl shows like Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon A Time and Grey’s Anatomy. I do also enjoy video games such as Alice Madness Returns and Mortal Kombat.
Erin: As far as food goes… CARAMEL. And I may have a slight obsession with coffee. I love to watch Gossip Girl and comedies like New Girl and Jane the Virgin. And I absolutely love listening to popular pop and rock music atm. 
Sophia: Playing video games! My faves are any of the Call Of Duty/Modern Warfare games, Destiny for PS4, Red Dead Redemption, Bloodborne, Dead Island, Left For Dead, Halo, and the Assassin's Creed games. I also love to bake, and do crafts!!

2. Do you have a signature scent?
        Felicity: In the Spring/Summer time it’s Thai Lilly by Go Be Lovely and in the Fall/Winter it’s Wrapped in Comfort by Bath & Body Works. For big events I wear Be Delicious by DNKY. 
Erin: I've been loving the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume and the Winter Candy Apple from Bath & Body Works. 
Sophia: I love the Harajuku Girl brand for perfumes (also Forever Red by Bath & Body Works), but for just a fragrance mist that I’ll wear to dance (Winter, Spring, Fall), I switch between A Thousand Wishes, Beautiful Day, and Pink Chiffon all three by Bath & Body Works, and during Summer I’ll wear Aruba Coconut by Bath & Body Works.

3. What kind of music do you listen to?
Felicity: A lot of Broadway soundtracks like Wicked, If/Then, Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies (Phantom of the Opera sequel) as well as Broadway artist’s studio albums like Rachel Tucker’s “The Reason” or Idina Menzel’s “Holiday Wishes”. I also listen to a lot of piano music. As for more commonly known artists I love Avril Lavigne. 
Erin: I tend to stick with alternative and indie music but I also love the top 50’s in pop. I love Lana Del Rey, A Great Big World, Panic!, and Hozier. 
Sophia: Classic rock, movie soundtracks (Footloose at the moment), Lana Del Rey, Snow Patrol, Panic! At The Disco, Keaton Henson, Troye Sivan, Hozier, Maroon 5, The Weekend, Marina and The Diamonds, and a thousand other artists/bands.

4. What is your style like?
         Felicity: Edgy with a girly twist. I love paring florals/lace with leather jackets and heeled boots. I’m also a sucker for a black cat eye and red lipstick. 
Erin: I don't really have a set style with clothes, usually girly, but I do with makeup. I wear a soft pink eyeshadow with a light brown and gold over, pink blush, and a berry lipstick. 
Sophia: 90’s grunge, girly girl, and punk all mushed together haha (it works pretty well actually).

5.  How would friends describe you in three words?
         Felicity: Compassionate, dedicated and broadway-obsessed.
        Erin: Kind, hard-working, and creative. 
Sophia: Talented, Selfless, and Strong. 

6. What is your favorite ballet book and favorite non-ballet book?
Felicity: Bunheads because again it’s an accurate description of the ballet world. As for non-ballet book it’s a tough choice between Phantom by Susan Kay, Wicked by Gregory McGuire or Inferno by Dan Brown.
Erin: Dancing Through It by Jenifer Ringer. For non ballet, Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver. I'm also a sucker for poems. 
Sophia: I haven’t read any ballet books, but my favorite non-ballet books are; The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, anything by Edgar Allen Poe, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson, and so many more. 

7. What is your favorite subject in school?
         Felicity: Psychology!!! I also love Biology!
Erin: Biology and English!
Sophia: English, and History!

8. What do you do when you get back from rehearsals?
         Felicity: My rehearsal are always around 6pm and my studio is an hour away from where I live so on the way back I’ll eat dinner and when I’m actually home, I’ll take a shower, stretch a bit and get a few things ready for the next day if need be. 
Erin: My rehearsals typically get out around nine, so I really don't have much time to do much aha. I eat dinner, take a shower, do my chores, and try to relax a bit before bed. 
Sophia: Eat dinner, take a shower, finish whatever chores are needed, and then relax until bedtime (usually by reading, doing a craft, or playing a video game.) 

9. If someone were to walk into your room what would they see you doing?
        Felicity: You will most likely find me listening to a Broadway soundtrack and singing to the songs,  playing on my phone/laptop or watching Netflix.
Erin: Probably me sitting in front of my mirror doing my hair and makeup, reading, or watching Netflix. 
Sophia: Cleaning it (I do this a lot because it gets really messy, really fast haha), reading, attempting to do a craft, writing in my notebook or writing a letter, or the most likely is me laying in my bed watching netflix aha.

10. What is your favorite animal?
          Felicity: Cats. I love them so much. My cat, Milky Way knows me better than I know myself. 
Erin: Kittens! I have a cat named Lottie whom I adore. 
Sophia: Cats, cats, cats! I have a blind calico named Merida (Mary) and I love her so much! 

11. What are your top three fears?
Felicity: Moving away for college (fortunately I’m still living at home), doctors appointments and loosing the people I love the most. 
Erin: Being in a fire, dying in some awful way, and losing my loved ones. 
Sophia: Drowning in deep waters, someone I love dying/getting kidnapped/tortured (several nightmares over this one), and that something super creepy is gonna come into my room some night and get me.

     So that will be all for this Q&A. Thank you to Erin and Sophia for doing this with me. Please check out their blog and give them some love! If you liked this post please give it a +1 on Google+ and leave me a comment letting me know your answers to one (or more) of the questions in this Q&A. See you all next month!

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    1. Thanks Chloe. I like having a variety to my Q&As because my blog isn't solely a "ballet" blog anymore. Thanks! Make sure to read part 2 of the Q&A to find out more about us.

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