Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Flexibility Series: Hip Strength

Hey everyone. I hope you all are doing well. I am half way though the first week of the Spring semester. It is going pretty well so far. My hands are cramping from all the notes I’ve been taking lately. My study group for Statistics start next week. I’m so glad that a group of us are going to be studying together for this class. Statistics is easily the class I despise, but I need to pass it in order to take Intro to Psychology Research next semester. 
As I was scrolling through past blog posts I’ve written, I noticed that I’ve completely neglected my Flexibility series. Well, that is about to change because here is the latest installment in that series.
As you’ve heard countless times, flexibility and strength go hand in hand. You really can’t have one without the other, especially in ballet. This will help with all aspects of ballet, from your turnout to getting a perfect tilt. So let's begin!

Groin Get-Ups
Repeat for 3 sets of 5
     Sit in a middle split with your arms in first position. Using the inner thighs and hamstring muscles, dig your heels into the floor and lift your body with your legs. Maintain turnout when lowering.

Turnout Slides
Repeat for 3 sets of 20 each side
     Start with your core engaged, standing in first position with hands held straight out in front of you. Squeezing your glutes slide your left foot out to second position grande plie. Keeping your foot along the floor, return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

Straight Leg Raise Turnout
Repeat for 3 sets of 15 each side
     Begin lying on your back. Engaging your abs, bend the left knee up towards your body. Keeping the right leg straight, point your toes and lift the leg to knee level. Pause at the top and slowly lower down to the starting position.

Hip Adduction
Repeat for 3 sets of 15 each side
     Begin lying on your back. Bend the right knee and cross it over your left leg while rolling over to your left side. Push your right foot into the floor and left your left leg up using your inner thigh muscles. Slowly lower down.

Hip Abduction
Repeat for 3 sets of 15 each side
     Begin lying on your back. Roll over to your left side. Contract your abs and point your toes. Lift your right leg  to the side in parallel, using your inner thigh muscles. Slowly lower down.

Hip Rotation
Repeat for 3 sets of 15 each side
     Behind lying on your left side, propped up on your left arm, bent at a 90 degree angle. Maintaining tight abs, lift your feet and knees, while keeping them touching. Hold your feet together using your hip rotators to separate your knees. Return to the starting position. 
Tara’s tip: You can even loosely wrap a theraband around your knees when doing this exercise. for extra resistance. 

Long Bridge
Repeat for 3 sets of 15 
    Lie flat on your back, engage your core and keep feet in parallel. Squeeze glutes, dig heels into the floor and lift hips off the floor. Keeping your core tight, hold for two counts and then release. 
Tara’s tip: this exercise can also be done with one foot lifted off the floor.

Reverse Floor Scorpion
Repeat for 3 sets of 10 each side

     Lie flat on your back with your feet in fifth position. Tightening core lift left leg to a 60 degree attitude devant. Rotate the leg across your body to touch your left foot to your right hand maintaining your turnout. Straighten leg when it touches your hand and return to the starting position. 

     If you are like me and don’t have a whole lot of time for working out here is a five minute inner thigh blast from Blogilates that I do daily. It only takes three minutes to do and it is highly effective. My legs felt like I had danced an entire three hour ballet when I did it the first time. It has definitely helped me with inner thigh strength. 

      So that will be all for this post. I really hope you liked it and if you did don’t forget to share this post, give it a +1 on Google+ and leave me a comment below what area of flexibility/strength you want me to cover next. Have a lovely week! 

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