Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Scoop On: What's In My Dance Bag?

Hello lovelies. How can January almost be over? It seems unreal to me. I hope you all are having a fantastic time back at school. I’ve been doing really well. I have another dance/fine art photoshoot this weekend which I’m really looking forward to. I’ll slowly be releasing pictures from all my photoshoots over the course of this year, most likely at the end of my Dancing Through Life Lesson’s series.  I can also finally announce that I was interviewed on the blog Confetti and Curves. You can read the interview here.
Today I’m bringing to you the dancer version of, “What’s in my purse?” In this post you’ll find out about all the lovely stuff I keep in my dance bag. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

My dance bag is by the brand Everest and I bought it from Discount Dance. I love it because it’s my favorite color and it has a big pocket at the bottom for shoes and things. The three front pouches hold my water bottle, Annie’s Organic Gummies for low blood sugars and granola bars for long rehearsals. This bag also has two inside pockets one which holds my bun/bobby pins and the other holds my deodorant and lip balm. The pin on the left was a elite gold medal from Revolution Talent Competition and the one on the right is this old Carlisle Cullen pin from my Twilight days in junior high. And then I have a Webkinz Mini Dragon keychain on the main zipper pocket. 

Inside my dance bag I have some random things like audition numbers, old programs etc. I'm not sure why I have them there. I like to be organized so I have on big pink mesh bag which keeps all my other stuff in it. Firstly, I have my turnboard which my friends and I love to use between classes. I have two old ballet shoe bags one with my ankle and knee braces in it and the other one with medicinal stuff such as cough drops, pain killers, Tiger Balm and BioFreeze (both of which I swear by). The black bag holds my bouncy balls to roll out my muscles and my red low resistance theraband for an easier workout. I also keep a hair brush in my bag for those days when I’m late and have to do my bun in the car. The plaid pouch holds my bunflowers and hair accessories. Next, we have my DanceJour Journal in which I write my corrections down, what variations I’m learning etc. It’s extremely helpful for me and I love the floral print on it as well as my bottle of rosin for days when the floor is extremely slippery. Lastly I keep a second pair of pointe shoes (Bloch Serenade) for days when my Capezios are bothering me. 

In the bottom pouch I keep my pointe shoes (Capezio Tendu II), ballet flats (So Danca split sole), a gold bag with bandaids, my toe tape, Jet Glue as well as my teal mesh pouch with toe pads (Lambs Wool Gel Tip) and toe spacers. 

So that will be it for this post. I really hope you all enjoyed it. I personally love watching/reading stuff like this because I feel like I get to know the person better by seeing what they have in their purse, iPhone or dance bag. If you enjoyed this post please give this a +1 on Google+ and let me know in the comments below what random things you have in your dance bag (or purse). See you all next week!

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  1. Your dance bag is so organised! Mine is a total mess, I literally just chuck everything in there as I go straight from school to dance... I really aught to sort it out but I can't be bothered!
    Elise |

    1. My old dance bag was a giant duffle I got from Victoria's Secret. I would just toss stuff in there because it was so huge. The bag I have now is way smaller so I had to organize it, if I wanted to keep all my dance items in there.
      The mesh bags I mention in the post are super helpful. You can find them on

  2. This is such a good post! Especially for people who do dance! Loved it❤️

  3. Love your blog!! I'm also a dancer and i have a blog and i would love for you to check it out!! i also do other posts such as beauty, travel and life blog posts!!