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Dancing Through Life's Lessons: Teachings of Ayurveda

       Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing well. Sorry for the lack of ballet related posts last month. I had lots of awareness realted things I wanted to post in Feburary plus I had been putting off my MHN post for a long time so I knew I had to squeeze that post in somehow. Anyways, be prepared for more ballet stuff this month.
       Couple things before we get into this post. Firstly, today is my best friend Maddie's 19th birthday. You can check out her blog here. Secondly, a year ago today I started this "Dancing Through Life's Lessons" series. I hope you've all enjoyed reading this series as much I have had writing them. I have at least enough posts for this series to last me through December. Lastly, one thing I’m going to start doing in some of my “life lesson” posts is bring light to different practices from all over the world. I’m doing this because it adds a cultural dimension to my blog and it’s fun to read/write about. 
         DISCLAIMER: It really bugs me when people are stuck with one ideology and diss all the others without learning about them first so I’m working on having a nice balance between different ideologies. I am not partial to one ideology or another. I believe they all have their good and bad points...just like everything else in this world. I will not tolerate any hate I get for bringing these ideologies to my blog. I do approve all comments so please be nice. Now, let's get on to this post, shall we?

Today’s post is about mindful ways to start your morning. Ever since I started applying these principles to my daily life I noticed a huge change in my overall mood. And our ideology for the day is Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India. Translated from Sanskrit, Ayurveda literally means, “the wisdom of life.” Through today’s teaching, I’m going to show you how these seven basic principles can greatly impact your day and change it for good. 
Now, before we dive in, I want you to take a moment and imagine waking up in beautiful mood, fully open to the infinite possibilities that each sunrise can bring. This is how you deserve to feel every day. Even if you’re not a morning person, waking up in a mood that is ready to take the day head on, is never out of your reach. We all can become morning people if we add these mindful principles to our life. So let’s get started!

1. Wake up between 6 and 7 am, every morning
I know waking up this early sound daunting but it is the key to feeling refreshed. Ideally, we want to wake up before the slow, dull, heavy kappa qualities take over. According to Ayurveda, between 6am and 7am is the optimal time to wake up because of the vata energy, which grants us alertness and quickness for the day ahead. (I wake up at 7am but I'm usually not out of bed till 8 or 9 depending on my day. I like lazing in bed while reading a book or viewing my daily devotional for the day).

2. Sleep with your curtains open
The dawning such is the most gentle alarm ever created. If there is no chance of peeping Toms or glaring city lights in your windows, give open curtains a try. It’ll actually be easier to wake up if your body can register the morning light. If you can’t sleep with open curtains then…

3. Find a nice sound for your alarm
It is completely unnatural and harmful to wake up to the blaring BEEPING of an alarm clock. It scares you for one thing, and it makes your heart pound which can actually illicit a panic attack if you’re one who panics easily (like me). To make waking up less abrasive and painful choose soothing alarm tone set on a low volume. Sounds like “ocean waves” or “chimes” are the best option. If you’re a deep sleeper try to add the vibrate setting to your alarm. (The “heartbeat” option is a good one for all you iPhone users. It's not loud and jarring like some of the other vibration sounds).

4. Hold off on all electronics such as your phone, computer or TV
Nothing ruins a morning like nasty comments on social media, reading horror-movie headlines or finding out that someone you love passed away. All these things will carry a negative undertone for the day. Set all electronics aside until you’ve done things that promote your personal wellbeing. 
I honestly don’t check my phone until I’m waiting for class to start or on my slower school days, it’s around 10-11am. I do use my phone to read my daily devotional and play music when I’m doing my makeup but that’s it. And I always turn my data plan off when I go to bed so when I wake up I’m not tempted to see my notifications. 

5. Begin the day with purification
Ayurveda’s wisdom teaches us to rid ourselves of the previous days’ accumulated toxins and wastes first thing in the morning. This means using the loo, brushing teeth/tongue, drinking a glass of cold water, bathing and massaging the body with lotions or oils. The lotion I really like is Origin's Sooth Your Senses in Lavender and Vanilla

6. Cultivate a morning ritual
After purifying your body, do something for your mind and soul. Meditate, pray, do yoga, go into nature etc. Aside from reading my daily devotional, I like do a short mediation, play a few uplifting games on the Happify app and listen to some positive music such as, “Your Love Never Fails”, “Whom Shall I Fear?” “The Stand” as well as my three childhood faves, “I’m On My Way” “American Girls Anthem” and “Rise & Shine.” Then I go on to feeding myself. My current favorite breakfast is toasted Sourdough Bread with avocado on top drizzled with garlic oil and salt and pepper. I’ve mostly stopped drinking coffee so now I’m loving iced Orange Grove Vanilla from Teazers (also found on Etsy. To purchase, click here).  
If you’re still longing to go back in bed, feel free to do your morning ritual in bed if you can. I tend to do this on my slower school days and on weekends. 

7. Go to bed by 10pm
How we sleep the previous night has a huge effect on how we’ll feel the next day. Ayurveda suggests we go to bed when we start to feel tired, the earlier the better. We should get the adequate amount of sleep we need for our age, in order to make sure our body functions properly. Too much sleep can cause us to feel more lethargic and too little sleep can make us feel sick and cranky. Between 8 and 9 hours of sleep is perfect. (And just because it takes me freaking forever to fall asleep, I aim for 10 hours of sleep).

As I am an insane lazy person and never got around to 
 taking a pic for this post, enjoy this one from Google.

        So hopefully this post was a good education to you about the practice of Ayurveda and about seven mindful ways to start your morning on the right foot. I hope you all loved this post as much as I did writing it. As always, please give this post a +1 on Google+, share with everyone you know and leave me a comment about one of these principles you’re going to apply to your life. See you all next week!

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  1. I loved this! These are great tips! I normally wake up at around 6:30am and get up at about 7am, but that's only on school days! Xx

    1. I've never been one for sleeping in. I'd much rather stay up late than sleep in.
      What time do you get up on weekends?

  2. These are great tips- I'm certainly going to be trying them (I am awful in the mornings!)
    Elise | i-cant-think-help.blogspot.com

    1. I really hope they help you. Feel free to email me if you need any clarifications or suggestions.
      Have a lovely day!

  3. Hey !! Great blog post !! I love reading post like this !! <3 keep up the good work :D




  4. Some of these things are great! Kind of want to try sleeping with my curtains open haha! Xx

  5. I love this! it all sounds so calming and nice! I wake up with a loud beeping noise and honestly i wake up in a frenzy every morning ahaha
    Chloe x