Friday, 1 April 2016

Dancing Through Life's Lessons: Traveling Alone

Hello my pretties. For those of you who had spring break last week, I hope you all had a fantastic time. I did, for sure. I flew across the country, by myself, to visit my sister Jaimi. We had a lovely time shopping at the mall and just being the crazy dancers we are. Here are my tips for flying across the country (or anywhere for that matter) solo.

1. Make sure to check a weather report before you pack. If you have friends or family in the area you are visiting, ask them what the weather is like. 
2. Only pack what you will need. You do not need to bring you entire closet with you. Trust me. 
3. Organize outfits together (pants and tops folded together). You can either roll them up or fold them in a square shape. 
4. If you are bringing an extra pair of shoes, put it in a plastic bag and keep it in your suitcase.
5. Keep all makeup and toiletries in a small kit (if possible). I keep my makeup and toiletries in separate kits. I keep them in the smaller pouch of my suitcase for easy access in security as well as when I want to freshen up a bit. 
6. Get travel sizes of moisturizers, body washes, tooth brush/tooth paste etc.
7. Keep all liquids in a ziplock bag.
8. Keep extra room in your suitcase for souvenirs.
9. Keep all your flight essentials such as phone chargers, electronics, books, homework, *moisturizer in your purse (aka my backpack). I keep my laptop charger in the top compartment of my carry-on (aka my suitcase). 

1. If you have to switch flights, try to have at least two hours between flights so you can get food, use the restroom and be at your correct gate on time.
2. If you’re traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast the three best places to stop at are Denver, Colorado, Dallas, Texas or Phoenix, Arizona. 
3. If you’re going on a train, pack food with you or buy it before the train starts moving because it’s hard to move around on a train. 
4. If you get nervous on trains or planes, get a isle seat near the restroom if you can.

If you have a 3+ hour layover: 
1. Find your gate. 
2. Use the loo.
3. Get food that is non-perishable and can easily be stored in your carry on item.
4. (optional) Buy a book or magazine if you want.
5. Do homework on a laptop or tablet.
6. Sleep (make sure you have a loud alarm on to wake you up 30 min before boarding).

What to do on the flight (or train ride):
1. Homework. This is a no-brainer. Because I didn’t want to carry my whole textbook with me for Psych, I photocopied the chapter from my book. I brought the originals with me and kept the photocopies at home. 
2. Write for your blog if you have one (as I am currently on the phone right now).

Additional tips:
1. I really hate checking in a suitcase because of the chance it could get lost, so I keep all my clothes in a carry-on sized suitcase. The airport should have an image of how big a carry-on suitcase is allowed to be. And then my "purse" is actually my backpack.
2. This is also a no brainer. Dress comfortably on your flight. You do not need to be wearing a mini-skirt, five inch heels and a face full of make up for a flight. Leggings, jeans, a tee shirt, a light jacket and trainer with socks is perfect. I honestly didn’t even wear much make up on the flight. I wore BB cream, pale eyeshadow, mascara and tinted lip balm. 
3. If you’re like me and one of your biggest fears about traveling alone is getting sick, make sure to eat food that you know won’t upset your stomach and DRINK WATER!!!
4. Try Bach’s Rescue Remedy tabs if you feel anxious. These are my sane-savers (no pun intended).
5. Try taking Melatonin (the sleep hormone) tabs if you are jet lagged or are in a different time zone (i.e West Coast to East Coast, UK, Asia etc). If you get sick easily, Benedryl works just as well. 
*6. Traveling all day can really dry out your skin so definitely moisturize once you reach your final destination. I recommend Origin’s Intensive Overnight Mask for your face and Eucerin Lotion for your body.

          Here are pics of all my travel essentials from how my suitcase looks, to what I did on the flight, to what beauty/skincare products I brought etc. 

Here is my suitcase. On top I have my toilet kit, makeup bag, 
brush bag, liquid toiletries and some medical stuff. 

                                             My makeup brushes and travel bag. 
                                             All items were purchased at Target. 

                                                     My makeup and travel bag. 
                                       A mix of high-end and drugs store brands.
                                                  The bag is from Forever 21. 

                      My makeup wipes, makeup remover, toner, shampoo and conditioner.
                                                        All purchased at Target. 

                                         My toilet kit essentials and travel bag. 
                                  A mix of high-end (Origins) and drugstore items. 
                                                    The bag is from Etsy

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  1. Excellent post! I will be using these tips when I am away next week, as I get anxious about travelling with all of my things!
    Brilliant packing tips too!
    Chloe ♡

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