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My Solos | National Dance Week 2016


     Hello, my pretties. I hope you all are having a great week so far. Today is the start of National Dance Week and so today I thought I would write about the four improv solos I've posted on YouTube so far. I do have a couple of others planned out but I want to wait until this summer to film/ post them because I want to rent out a studio space. Please keep in mind, that all of these solos are completely improvised and that my technique wasn't my main concern during these dances. I was only dancing to bring to light my feelings or to tell a story. With that said, enjoy!

Fix You - April 20, 2016
     My most recent solo was done in memory of two people I knew who recently died by suicide. It's really shocking when that happens, especially it's something you would never have expected from those people. It's definitely taken an emotional toll on me and when that happens I always try to channel my feelings through dance or story writing.
     There are many different interpretations of this song. My first is that, I really think this song explains the feelings of depression and wanting to commit suicide, in particular, the lines: "When you try your best, but you don't succeed/When you get what you want, but not what you need/When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep." 
     On the other hand, it could be about a friend wanting to help someone fight through a hard time. In particular, the lines: "Lights will guide you home/And ignite your bones/And I will try to fix you."
I really hope that anyone who watches this dance will realize that there is always someone to help them and that they aren't really alone, as much as depression feels like it.

Save Me From Myself - Jan 30, 2016
     This dance I did after a really tough weekend. I don't quite remember what happened but it was probably a major panic attack or something along those lines.
     The song, especially the title, really speaks to me because those of you who deal with anxiety/depression know that sometimes your worst enemy is yourself. The line I like most in the song is: "It's not so easy loving me/It gets so complicated, all the things you gotta be."
     I really thought about my parents when I did this dance, especially during this part in the song, "I'm amazed by all your patience, everything I put you through/And when I'm about to fall/Somehow you're always waiting, your open arms to catch me/You're gonna save me from myself." They have always been there for me, and whenever I feel, they were right there to catch to me and to help me make everything right again. They have saved me from myself time and time again. 

If Wishes Had Wings - Nov 30, 2015
     Every year, my town does this thing called Community Awards to help out the graduating seniors financially. There are a ton of applications, essays to write etc but totally worth it in the end. I won the Vision Academy of the Arts Award for Dance and I was able to tour around town with them and perform. At four of their events to raise money for next year's recipients, I did a dance to a song called If Wishes Had Wings. The song was inspired by the story of a young girl who had leukemia due to radiation in Japan during WWII. She said she would live as long as she could fold Origami cranes. I am honored to be able to bring her story to life through dance. 

My Immortal - Nov 5, 2015
     This solo I did in memory of someone really close to me. I've been wanting to do a dance in honor of her but I couldn't find the right time in my life or the right song to use. 
I love this version of My Immortal sung by Rachel Tucker (original by Evanescence) because it's more emotional and feels like two people are singing it which is the whole theme I was going for.
     The song really captures how I felt about this person at the time I recorded this dance. The verse "I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone/But though you're still with me/I've been alone all along." really speaks to me because I know that this person is always with me in spirit, even though she's not physically with me. 

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  1. This was so interestig to read, I love the song Fix You and that you danced to it to show that noone is ever alone xx