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Spotlight on: Kathryn Morgan

     Hello, my pretties. I hope you all are doing well. I only have a week and a half left of the Spring Semester and I'll be home free for at least three months (part of May, all of June/July and part of August). I will be working full time this summer at a new sandwich place called Deli Delicious. It's gonna be amazing. I will also be taking a summer class online so I will be extremely busy this summer. 
     Anyways, today I bring to you an interview with one of my dance inspirations and friends, the lovely Kathryn Morgan. She recently performed at the Kennedy Center so that's what today's interview is about. Enjoy! 

FR: You just recently performed at the Kennedy Center. What was your reaction when you found out about the show? 
KM: When I first discovered that I would be perfuming at the Kennedy Center, I honestly could not believe it. Dancers dream of dancing there, and I would be headlining my own performances. And on top of that, I would have 2 evenings! It was a dream come true.

FR: What was the training process like leading up to the show? (What did you do, how many days did you practice etc). 
KM: We rehearsed pretty much every day for 5 weeks. The week before, we started running the show every day. That was rough as I danced 6 pieces during the show. So doing it every day was literally like training for a marathon. It made a huge difference though.

FR: You also started a FB group for dancers. Tell us about it. 
KM: The "Kathryn Morgan’s Ballet Community” FB group started as a support group for a 12-week fitness challenged that I created in January of this year. People were so inspired by it that once the challenge was over, we all wanted to keep it! So now it has turned into an all-around uplifting group for dancers of all ages. People are always tearing each other down in the ballet world so this is a place they can be inspired and encouraged. 

FR: What were the shows like? Were you extremely nervous or extremely excited? 
KM: I was incredibly excited for the Kennedy Center Performances. I felt very prepared and well rehearsed, more than for anything else I have ever done! I was also a bit nervous because when your name is in the evening’s title, it has to be good!

FR: Favorite number from the show? 
KM: I loved every piece I danced that evening, but my favorite probably has to be Romeo & Juliet Balcony Pas de Deux. That was always my favorite and best role when I was with New York City Ballet. So to be able to dance it again was truly a gift. 

FR: Where else are you performing this year? 
KM: We are going to be doing the exact same performance in Ann Arbor Michigan on July 9.

FR: Plans for the future regarding YouTube, possibly joining a company etc? 
KM: I just want to keep expanding my YouTube channel and Blog as much as I can. It is still a little bit early to say if I will join a company again (as I am dealing with some personal things) but I would definitely love to if it was the right company at the right time.

New world premiere dance titled "Of Melting Snow"
(credit: Alexis Ziemski) 

        The Red Shoes (credit: Alexis Ziemski). 

To see the full dance click here

Don Quixote (credit: Alexis Ziemski) 

Romeo and Juliet
(credit: Alexis Ziemski) 

Here are Katie's social media links. 

     I hope you all enjoyed this post. I highly recommend you join the FB group. I'm one of the admins on it and you will never find a more caring, kind and supportive group. 
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