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Dancing Through Life's Lessons: Flying Free

  Elphaba once said, “And if I’m flying solo, at least I’m flying free.” (Defying Gravity). 
  At the end of March, my boyfriend and I split up (surprising, I know). It sucked ass because I was on Spring Break visiting him in Florida when it happened. I was absolutely heartbroken. It took me at least a week to get over the emotional shock that we were over. I spent a good week listening to Taylor Swift and Gabriella’s solos from HSM while crying. And then later when we talked about what happened he basically said, "the entire break up was my fault (not at all true, we both had out faults) and that he doesn't love me anymore." So I shredded the cards from him and burnt the letters while quietly sobbing and singing to Malinda Kathleen Reese's cover of Burn from Hamilton
  Since then, I really tried to get over our breakup the best I could. Here are my tried and true ways to get your shit together and enjoy life again. Hopefully, my tips will help any of you, who may also be going through a breakup currently. 

1. Cry.
     This is kinda a no-brainer. If you’re emotionally hurt, go ahead and cry. I left my BF’s house the day after we split and spend most of the flight from Tampa to Huston crying quietly. I was absolutely devastated that my Spring Break had such a shitty ending.
2. No Contact.
     Remove all contact from him/her. Delete numbers, block on social media etc. You can even take all their gifts to you and give them to someone else. My mum wanted me to save all the trinkets/letters from my ex so I gave them to her for safe keeping, which ended up getting burnt later. 
(Side note: I'm currently obsessed with Hamilton and the song Burn gave me the inspiration). 
3. No Rebounds.
     Rebound relationships are the worst. Do not do it. It’s okay to make friends who are guys, just don’t immediately jump into a new relationship to make your ex-jealous. Give yourself time to heal.
4. Reach out to your friends.
     This is time, where I needed friend support so on my FB, so with a simple status update I posted the quote, “And just like a soprano shattering class, Felicity felt something snap deep inside. It was the sound of her heart breaking.” 
     I got a lot of messages from friends (even friends I wasn’t expecting to message me) asking me how I was doing, what they could do to help, telling me that my ex wasn’t worthy of me etc. It made me feel so happy to know I had people who supported me. I am so grateful to them all (you know who you are).
5. Have G.N.O…or G.N.I.
     Get all your girlfriends together, dress up and go out on a Friday night. Go see a movie, have dinner at a fancy restaurant or go out dancing (if you’re old enough). 
     Or if you’d like to stay in, rent a lot of movies with badass female characters (see list below), wear comfy pj's and gorge on sleepover snacks with all your besties.
6. Change one thing about your looks.
     For example, let’s say your ex liked your long hair and you wanted it short. Now’s the perfect time to cut it the way Y-O-U want. So go splurge on that new hair color or hair cut. And make sure to post a fantastic selfie afterward. 
7. Change your routine.
     If you guys always used to talk on the phone late at night, try to go to bed earlier or read a book with your phone completely off. Avoid places you mutually liked etc. 
8. Focus on yourself.
     Do things for you. Dress up. For You. Go out. For you. Do yoga. Dance. Take a new class. Do things you want to do. Work harder in school. If you can afford it, try working an extra day (means extra money for shopping sprees). 
     And if it just so happens that you and your ex work at the same place, you can totally start looking for a new job if you wish. Just don’t quit your current one until you’ve scored another. (I always advise you to finish the training for your new job before you quit your current one).

I hope that you...burn!

      If you decide to have a movie night with your girlfriends, here are some amazing options. They all have strong female leads who kick major ass. The two ultimate "post-breakup movies" are The Other Woman and Revenge of the Bridesmaids. 

*my personal fave
1. *Sisters (R)
2. Spy (R)
3. * The Other Woman (PG-13)
4. Sucker Punch (PG-13)
5. Underworld Saga (R)
6. *Revenge of the Bridesmaids (PG-13)
7. How To Be Single (R)
8. Frozen (PG)

Here are all my breakup songs. Enjoy!

Megan and Liz
Are You Happy Now?
Boys Like You
Like I Would
Long Distance
Maybe, Possibly 2.0
Release You

Taylor Swift
White Horse
You’re Not Sorry
I Knew You Were Trouble
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (like ever!)
Cold As You

Vanessa Hudgens
When There Was Me and You
Gotta Go On My Own Way
Walk Away

Miley Cyrus
I Hope You Find It
Wrecking Ball 

Avril Lavigne
Everything Back But You
My Happy Ending
Nobody’s Home
He Wasn’t
Too Much To Ask
One of Those Girls

Rolling In The Deep
Turning Tables
Rumor Has It
Don’t You Remember 
Someone Like You 

Burn - Hamilton
Still Hurting - The Last Five Years
On My Own - Les Miserables
I'm Not That Girl - Wicked

      I truly hope this post helped those of you who may be dealing with a terrible breakup. Writing this post definitely helped me as blogging has always been therapeutic for me. If you enjoyed this post please give it a +1 on Google + and leave me a comment below if you have any tips for dealing with a breakup!

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