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Conversations with Felicity: Nineteen Faves

     Hello, my pretties. The author of this blog is now at the lovely age of nineteen. Today's just started, so I can't really say if today's been a good birthday or not. I got up at 7am to take Bella out as per usual, after cuddling with her for a good hour. After breakfast today I'm going to make my cake and set up my house for the little get together I'm having. Nothing super fancy, just a bunch of thespians at a BQ. Despite the horrid heat for today (it'll be in the 90's by 10am) it'll be a lot of fun. And tonight some of my girlfriends and I are gonna do mini-facials and a musical marathon. 
     I remember as a kid always wanting to be in my twenties and it didn’t really register with me until this year, that I’ll be twenty next year. I’m getting way ahead of myself now so I’m gonna shut up about that. 
      Today, I thought I’d do a post on nineteen of my favorite things. I've started from my childhood up until now. I don't remember too much when I was really little, aside from bandaids and babydolls,  so my list starts at age six. (Side note: Everything listed here are the big things that I loved growing up. I did have other loves, like Harry Potter, Star Wars etc...but phases like those just weren't big enough to include in this list).

01. Musicals
I’ve been hooked on musicals since I was around five or six. My first "Broadway" musical was Into The Woods. I used to act it out all the time as a kid, without knowing what words like “barren” meant. From seeing it so many times I have all the dialogue and actions of every character in the entire two and a half hour musical. It’s hilarious when I watch it now because I’m more into acting it out over actually watching it. (And yes, I saw the movie and absolutely hated it. It didn’t do the musical justice at all). 
Wizard of Oz was also a huge fave of mine as a kid. I do have the entire movie memorized. I've had the Wicked (in a good way) Witch of the West claimed since I was six. I did her first scene in the talent show in 1st grade (my mum sat in the audience reading Dorothy and Glinda's lines). I was also the Witch for Halloween that year...and it just so happened that it was the same year that Wicked opened on Broadway (2003). 
Some current faves are Wicked (of course), Rebecca (Hungarian), Notre Dame De Paris (French), If/Then, Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables. 
02. Ballet
You kinda knew this would be coming. I’ve been dancing ballet since I was five but didn’t take it seriously till I was eight and then again when I was fourteen. I was always dancing around the house as a kid. I would always want to put on shows for people who came to the house, even people who weren’t really visiting us (like people working on the house). Ballet has been and always will be a huge part of me.
Some of my fave ballets are La Bayadere and Sleeping Beauty both by the Royal Ballet. 
Like a shooting star, I will go the distance,
I will search the world, I will face its harms.
I don't care how far, I can go the distance,
Till I find the path I'm meant to go on. 

03. Acting
Similar to the one above, acting has also been a passion of mine. I always used to memorize things from books and movies and act them out for my family. My first theater performance was acting as the Wicked Witch of the West in my first-grade talent show. My mum was in the audience reading Dorothy’s and Glinda’s lines. I was the Genie in Aladdin Jr. in 7th grade, Corly Barrows in a play of Makin’ It and Rosa in Beauty & The Buccaneer. 

One of my fave productions with such an amazing 
cast and crew! Can't wait for next years show!

04. Medical things
I’ve always had a love for the medical field. I always used to buy those cheap, plastic medical kits as a kid. I loved bandaids too. I remember seeing a C-section on TV as a kid (not knowing that’s what it was at the time). When I was around eight, I got a real medical kid from my honorary uncle, Ron, who is an Emergency Room doctor. I was also lucky enough to work at his Workers' Comp clinic last summer. I was able to see some pretty nasty work injuries but it was also super cool at the same time.
And of course, I have a crazy love for Grey’s Anatomy. I started watching the show my Freshman year. I’ve been fully caught up with the show since Season 11. I absolutely love it. Amelia Shepherd is my absolute favorite character because I really relate to her (if you want to know her better, watch the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, Private Practice). During Senior year, my friend Maddie and I would share “surgery notes” we took from the virtual app Touch Surgery, which teaches you how to do actual procedures through a virtual simulation. We also spend many days, playing “Grey’s Anatomy” during down time of our ROPAT* class. 
I grew up wanting a career in the medical field but I didn’t decide on one until my first semester of college. I am so thrilled with my decision to go into psychology as a psychotherapist. I can’t wait until that career is actually mine. 

You can call me Dr. Amelia Shepherd now.

05. Faerie Tale Theatre
This is a theatre group started by Shelly Duvall. It was on TV in the 80’s and is on DVD now. Each episode was a different fairy tale from Sleeping Beauty to The Snow Queen. The first one I remember seeing was Rapunzel which terrified me, given I was really young when I saw it. Sleeping Beauty was always my personal fave (even now). I have the boxed set of all twenty-six episodes. Sleeping Beauty has to be my favorite because Bernadette Peters along with Christopher Reeve are in it. I remember my bestie Bree and I acting the episode out as kids. Out of all the variations of "Maleficent" Henbane has to be the best. She has the best lines like the one in the image below. 

King Boris: We really searched far and wide.
Henbane: Never been either place.
Queen: We heard that you aren't very partial to these functions.
Henbane: Hate them! But that's no excuse. 

06. American Girl
Like most twelve-year-olds, I was all about American Girl, from taking fashion ideas from the catalogues to having a subscription that lasted three years (I remember taking the covers off all the magazines and taping them up to my walls). 
I’ve been to the American Girl store twice in NYC. I absolutely loved it. I really wanted a new doll when InnerStar U came out because I loved the idea of a virtual school. I was really sad when I read that the website no longer exists. Even though I'm definitely too old, I still love watching the new movies as they come out. It’s a nice break from adulthood. 
07. The Saddle Club
I think I was around 10 or 11 when I discovered this book series/TV show. I’m pretty sure I owned all the books at one point. I loved the show and two of my close friends in Jr. High loved it took. We used to act out the episodes when we’d go over to each others houses for play dates. We even took horseback riding lessons for about a year together. I was Lisa, Jessa was Stevie and Jacquie was Carol.
08. Canterwood Crest book series
I discovered this book series in fifth grade at a Book Fair. It was really new at the time with only one book out. I absolutely fell in love with the series and the characters. It’s basically about a girl who starts 7th grade at a prestigious boarding school and how she navigates the social scene along with horse riding and school. While it definitely shows the dramatic side of middle school, I think all the characters are very realistic. I can see myself in some characters and my friends in others. Heather Fox, aka the (mean turned nice) Queen Bee of Canterwood, is my fave character. She's badass. I have read the entire series, even after I was too old for it. I really liked the series as a Jr. Higher and it’ll definitely be a series I’ll share with my kids in the future. 

This is Heather Fox. 

09. Avatar and Narnia
I had a huge Avatar and Narnia phase around seventh grade. I had a huge crush on Zuko and Prince Caspian. I loved watching the films/TV shows and of course, acting them out with some friends. I remember having a dream about having Prince Caspian as my boyfriend while listening to the song Stickwithu by the Pussycat Dolls. 
I honestly don’t remember why I liked Zuko so much, aside from the fact that I thought he was a super attractive animated character. I guess because I relate to the whole "not meeting your parents' expectations" thing he had going on. I always felt (read: feel) like I have to prove something to them to get them to treat me the way they treat my younger brother...but that's another story. 
10. Winnie The Pooh
I never really liked Winnie the Pooh until I was thirteen. Some Winnie the Pooh movie came out on my birthday that year so I, of course, had to see it. And earlier this year I saw Pooh’s Heffalump Movie and I freaking love it. I’ve seen it so many time since I first saw it. And yes, I did end up unintentionally memorizing Lumpy’s lines. That's what happens as an actress...I am still in search for a stuffed Heffalump (if anyone knows where to find one hit me up in the comments).

"My name is Heffredge Trumpeter Bumpet Heffalump IV.
Everybody calls me Lumpy. Luuumpyyyyy!" 
11. Twilight 
Yep, I like most thirteen-year-olds, was all about Twilight. But I was like an extreme fan. Like dress like the Cullens (complete with red Gatorade and glitter lotion), tons of posters in my room, binge watch the movies, memorize scenes from the books/movies kinda fan. I was so weird back then. I laugh about it a lot now. I even wrote a vampire poem that you can read below. 
12. Cats
Everyone knows me as the crazy cat lady. I freaking love my cat Milky Way and I’m so sad he won’t hang out with me anymore. He hates Bella which upsets me too. Anyways, when I was visiting my sister Jaimi over Spring Break, I saw a journal with cats all over it and had to buy it. I also ended up buying a cat ear headband. 
In the future, my sisters Nathalie, Jaimi, Rose, and I are gonna move to Paris, open up a dance studio called the Cat Dance Company and own 1,440 cats (360 each). I am also going as Phantom of the Opurra for Halloween this year (pun intended).

My beautiful photogenic cat. 

Me in a nutshell. 

13. Fashion
I always loved fashion but not so much until high school. I would always be looking for cute outfits to wear from the interweb, catalogues etc. I used to pick my outfits for the entire week back in high school. Now, I still like to look cute, but I have no problem going to school (or work) with no makeup on etc. I wear pretty much whatever I feel like that day. The only time I really do plan out my outfits is for traveling and special events like parties etc. 
14. Special Effects Body Art
I  had just finished my Sophomore year when I discovered the YouTube channel MadeULook. I absolutely fell in love with Lex’s personality and her insane talent for makeup. So for my 17th birthday, I got professional face paints and did some awesome looks on my friends, as you can see in the pic below. For Halloween, my Senior year I was Alice in Hysteria Mode from my fave video game Alice Madness Returns, and last year I was the Black Swan. You can tell that special effects makeup is something I love to do in my spare time.

(left) Halloween 2015 as the Black Swan.
(right) Halloween 2014 as Alice in Hysteria Mode.
All makeup is done by me.

My new goal is to recreate this look. 

15. Game of Thrones
I had heard my cousins and parents rave about this show so when I was finally close enough to being an adult, I just had to watch it. And of course, I got hooked. I had many moments of throwing my remote at my TV and sobbing over the most cruel TV deaths/cheering when the bad guys die. I am currently waiting for season 5 DVD to arrive from the library and I’ll probably slowly rent Season 6 from Itunes so I can be fully caught up when Season 7 starts next year. 
One of my friends, whom I call Cersei, told me that I remind her of Daenerys and Melisandre which is just about one of the highest compliments I could get. So to her, I am now Melisandre Targaryen which I just love.

16. Sleeping
This one is pretty obvious. I love sleeping. When I was working as a hostess at a fancy hotel last summer, I was waking up at 5am every morning to be on the bus by 5:30. I would go straight to sleep when I got home, usually between 1 and 3pm. I was also going to bed by 9pm then. Throughout the school year, when I wasn’t in a good mental state, I’d go to sleep as soon as I could, sometimes by 7pm. Sleeping is one simple pleasure in life that I love. 
17. Shopping
I’ve always been a shopaholic. Just ask my sister Jaimi, or my mum (who hates it when she see’s packages with my name on it). I didn’t become a super shopper until I got a debit card when I started college. That opened up the world of online shopping and Etsy. And now that I have a puppy, I have to learn how to not spend so much money. And it’s really hard. So for a few months now I’ve been making lists of things I would like to have but don’t need at the moment. Some of them ended up on my Birthday wish list and some I will buy with birthday money or when I ever have spare cash. 
18. Witty self-help books
Everyone used to know me as the “nicegirl”. The one who never stood up for herself and basically was a doormat. But slowly, that has changed since I started college. About a month or so ago I picked up this book called Nice Is Just A Place In France by The Betches. It basically teaches you how to be the “tough girl”. The, and I quote, “a strong, confident, not care what people say about them, take no shit from anyone” kinda girl.
This book was filled with the sarcastic witty humor I love and really gave me some good tips on my outward persona. Someone who is approachable and friendly but also is tough and can stand her ground. Basically, I need to be Daenerys from Game of Thrones or Emily Thorne from Revenge. And that’s what I’ve really been working on as far as self-improvement goes. During my psych class, there was a guy who wouldn’t stop staring at me, no matter where I sat in the room. And not in an  I think you’re beautiful kinda way, but more in the Edward Cullen kinda way, but more in the Edward Cullen kinda way. Eventually, I had enough and I said to him after class one day, “I hope you’ve memorized me enough to give the police sketch artist a description of me after I kick your ass.” That was pretty much it for the whole staring at me thing.

Warning: All three of these books have adult language
 in it so if you hate curse words and sometimes crass 
humor, don't read them. But if you have a good sense of humour 
and want a good laugh as well as good advice, definitely 
check out these books. The book at the bottom has to be my fave.

19. Puppies
I’ve never been a dog person. I had a huge fear of dogs as a kid. I got used to dogs enough by the time I started high school even though I still wasn't a fan until I got my puppy, Bella. Bella is the cutest, sweetest and feistiest puppy ever. Her personality is so much like mine. I could just hold and cuddle her all day long. She’s made me happier than I’ve been in a long time. She licks away my tears during panic attacks and just makes me melt with her personality. (I’m not a fan of the wet dog smell though). And yes, I did name her after Bella from Twilight. Don’t judge me. Her sister is named Luna from Harry Potter, FYI.

In my darkest hour I reached for a hand
and found your paw. I love you, my Bella. 

*ROPAT - Regional Occupational Program/Athletic Training

Sorry for the insane length of this post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please give it a +1 on Google+, follow me on all my social media sites which will be linked below and leave me a comment below telling me some of your childhood faves. See you all later! 

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  1. I love musicals, I'd love to be in one some day. Hearing about The Saddle Club again has made me all nostalgic. Also your dog is too cute xx

    1. I know. I was listening to some of their songs while writing this post. Wonderland and Don't Ask Me (Heidi Simpson) were (and still are) my faves from them.

  2. Hope you had an amazing birthday, lovely post xx

  3. A good app to check out for medical related things is "Figure 1". It's basically like Instagram for medical things. It is a community for healthcare providers (such as myself) to share and discuss their findings and get feedback from each other on treatment and diagnosis. Just be advised that some things on there can be pretty graphic and heartbreaking but– that's just the nature of the medical field.

    1. So you think the app would also be good for college students with an interest or passion for the medical field?

    2. I'm currently an EMT and I'm considering becoming paramedic/firefighter and I've found it to be pretty good. It really exposes you to the thinking process of doctors, the treatment process of medics, and the healing process of patients. If anything, it's incredibly fascinating. Like I said, there are graphic posts including heavy trauma and nudity. But there are other things like EKG strips, MRIs, X-rays and blood test results (among other things). The thing I like best, and the thing you'll like too, are the discussions between the healthcare providers on treatments and diagnosis.