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Spotlight On: Anastasia Cheplyansky

     Hello, my pretties. I hope everything is going well for you guys. School has been in session for a full week now. It's nice, to finally have things to do other than work, blogging and training Bella. I've kinda been going nuts this summer because of how boring it has been for me. Last summer was way more exciting. You can read my post on that here.
      It's about time I bring back my Spotlight On series. I love interviewing dancers but it's frustrating deciding who to interview when and all. Anyways, today I bring to you an interview with the mega talented Anastasia Cheplyansky. She is a gorgeous ballerina and super sweet. So let's get to know her better, shall we?

FR: What style of ballet do you do? (Vaganova, Balanchine, RAD etc…). If you don’t do ballet, what styles of dance do you do? 
AC: I haven't been training in a certain style earlier, but now I'm gonna study Vaganova. 

FR: How long have you been dancing? 
AC: 12 years.

FR: What got you into dancing? 
AC: My mom showed me Swan Lake on the TV when I was 3 and I tried to follow the steps, so my mom signed me up for classes and I've been dancing ever since then.

FR: Where do/did you train?
AC: I trained at Lacademy and now I'm starting at Bayer Ballet Academy. 

FR: What brand/style pointe shoes do you wear? 
AC: Grishko 2007's 

FR: Top 3 favourite ballerinas? 
AC: Beckanne Sisk, Maria Kochetkova, Sylvie Guillem.

FR: Top 3 favourite male dancers? 
AC: Roberto Bolle, Ask la Cour, Daniel Ulbricht.

FR: Hobbies outside of ballet? 
AC: Photography, swimming, writing, and yoga.

FR: What do you think of ballet competitions? 
AC: I think they're great as long as you do it to perform 
and to learn from other dancers. However, I think competitions can be very toxic if all the person 
cares about is winning. 

FR: Favourite ballet company or companies? 
AC: ABT, Ballet West, Houston Ballet, and Miami City Ballet.

FR: Favourite ballets? 
AC: Swan Lake, Coppélia, and La Bayadere.

FR: Favorite ballet you've already performed? 
AC: Don Quixote.

FR: A ballet you really want to perform but haven’t? 
AC: La Bayadere.

FR: Variations you really want to dance? 
AC: Nikiya's Death from La Bayadere and Grand Pas Classique.

FR: Variations you've already danced? 
AC: Giselle, Odette, Kitri Act 1 variation, and La Esmeralda.

FR: Strengths in ballet (pirouettes, adagio, flexibility, jumps etc...) 
AC: Probably pirouettes.

FR: A struggle you've faced or are facing in ballet that discourages you sometimes? 
AC: Definitely turnout and body image.

FR: Favourite ballet movie and favourite non-ballet movie? 
AC: My favorite ballet movie is Center Stage. I don't have a favorite non-ballet movie.

FR: Favourite ballet book and favourite non-ballet book? 
AC: I haven't read any ballet books. My fave non-ballet book is Paper Towns by John Green.

FR: Role model in the dance world? 
AC: Lise la Cour, my former teacher.

FR: If you could talk to a dancer, past or present, who would you chose and what would you say? 
AC: I would choose to talk to my teacher, Ms. La Cour, and tell her how much she means to me and that I promise to work hard everyday to make her proud. I would also ask her what advice she has for 

FR: Best advice to a new dancer? 
AC: Don't let fear stop you. If you're really passionate, keep dancing. Work hard everyday and try to observe other people's strengths so you can learn from them. Don't compare yourself to others.

FR: Why do you dance? 
AC: Because it's a beautiful art form and I love to share it with others. I also love the hard work and discipline that comes into dance because those qualities are really useful in real life too.  

FR: Do you hope to inspire others to dance too? 
AC: Yes, of course! I would love to inspire someone to keep dancing no matter what happens. 

FR: What are some of your dance goals? 
AC: I would like to improve my technique and artistry. Another goal of mine is to change the body standard for dancers. I want the ballet world to accept diversity and to promote self-love. 

FR: What keeps you from not quitting dance, in other words, what inspires you to keep on dancing? 
AC: I love ballet so much and have for such a long time, so whenever I feel like quitting, I remind myself why I dance. Dancing is more enjoyable when you do it because you love it and because you want to share it with others, than when you do it for the attention.

FR: What ballet character are you most like? 
AC: If I had to choose then probably Giselle.

Fast Facts:
Birthday: September 26th.
What she's listening to right now: "Get It All" - GTA, Max Motif.
Best advice she's ever received: Conquer day by day. When you have a big goal, break it up into little goals that you can work on every day or else it gets really overwhelming. 
She won’t leave the house without her: phone.
Favorite food: Veggie sushi.
If I could be a superhero, my power would be: to freeze time.
Performer I’d love to work with: Misty Copeland.
Must-see TV show: F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Strangest thing in my dance bag: Probably a plush Stitch keychain.

Esmeralda Variation at the Youth American Grand Prix.

Beautiful attitude.

Fish dive with Shay at Julliard SI '15.

     So that sums it up for this post. I hope you enjoyed this interview with Anastasia. If you did don't forget to give this post a +1 on Google+, follow me on all my social media sites which will be linked below and leave me a comment below who you think I should interview next. See you all in a week!

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