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Your Best Body: Sick Day Essentials | Collab with Emily Rose

      Hello, lovelies. I hope you all are doing well. I will currently be on a plane when this post goes up. My family and I are heading to a wedding for the weekend which I'm really excited for. It'll be nice to get out of my current residence. Plus, I've been out of the leg cast two weeks, which means I can slowly start dancing again. Right now I'm just doing rigorous Physical Therapy and resting my foot as much as I can so it's healed enough for me to dance at the wedding.
      Anyways, today I bring to you a collab with the lovely Emily Rose from the blog Emsi Rose. We both decided on the topic Sick Day Essentials because other posts we've read under the same topic when we've been sick. I've recently had quite a few sick days this past month (August). I got a really bad cold at the beginning of last month, which turned into a bacterial virus in my lungs so I was on antibiotics for a week, plus I had a GP flare up so that also meant a day in the hospital. So yeah, many sick days. Luckily, I'm all better now. So enough of my rambling, let's get right into the post.

1. Clean sheets - because you'll never know what germs are still in your sheets. 
(Tip: As soon as you're not sick anymore, change your sheets again to get rid of all the germs that have accumulated while you were ill).

2. Netflix - because you'll most likely be spending the day(s) in bed and Netflix is a great way to pass the time. I love watching Disney movies like Pooh's Heffalump Movie, any of the Disney Fairy movies, or even Disney Jr. shows such as Sofia the First. I like them because they are cute and have a positive underlying message. They can also lull you to sleep which is always a good thing when you're sick.

3. Salty liquids - because salt kills germs fast. Some options are the classic example of Chicken Noodle Soup, Miso Soup or if you're a college student trying to push through a day of classes, even the salty water from Cup of Noodles is good.  

4. Benadryl - because it will help you sleep which is important when you're sick and it will help kick out whatever virus is making you sick.

5. A portable fan - because it'll help you cool down if you feel feverish or if your room is always hot like mine is. 

6. Emetrol - because no one likes feeling nauseous and this medicine really does help calm down an upset stomach.

7. Active charcoal - because active charcoal will remove all the toxins in your body, especially if you have a mild version of the stomach flu/food poisoning.
(Side note: Taking one active charcoal capsule after you're better is a great way to cleanse the body).

8. Pampering products - If you're not sick to the point of being bedridden, this is a great time to give yourself a long pampering session if you feel up for it. A good way to relax is to add one cup milk and some Epsom salts into bath water. Milk will make your skin nice and soft and the Epsom salt will relax your body. You can even add a few drops of essential oils such as Tea Tree, Pine, Lavender, Peppermint, Thyme, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary are the best because they all have antibacterial properties. 

9. Vitamin C - because it'll help boost your immune system. Some good sources are any citrus fruits, Emergen - C powder or Odwalla's C Monster smoothie.
(This is also a good time to double up on all your vitamins. I love the Nature's Bounty Women's Multivitamin Gummies.

10. Excedrin - because it will get rid of any headache, no matter how bad, within an hour. My coughs are always really deep and I get migraines by midday from coughing so much. And my migraines completely knock me out. Excedrin Migraine is the only thing that was helping me get through school/work when I was sick last month. Pamprin is the exact same thing as Excedrin Migraine except for the brand name.

Pic from when I was at the hospital last month.

     So there you have it. My sick day essentials. I hope this helped you. If it did please give this post a +1 on Google+, follow me on all my social media sites and leave me a comment below if you have any sick day essentials, that are not on this list. See you all in a week!

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  1. Thank you so much for collaborating! This was such an interesting read xo

  2. Netflix is such an essential for me when I'm feeling sick too! Hope you're doing well gorgeous xxx