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Conversations with Felicity: Thankful Thoughts for 2016

     Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers who celebrate it. It honestly doesn't seem much like a Happy Thanksgiving this year due to the Standing Rock issue that is going on. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says,"Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you." With that said, I am going to be pray for Standing Rock and be joyful all the same. This post is the top eight things I am so grateful and blessed to have in my life. They are listed in no particular order; just whatever popped into my mind first. Enjoy!

1. My puppy Bella
Bella has been a huge blessing to me this year. She has been with me through the highest of highs and lowest of lows. I am so grateful that she survived the animal attack with no permanent damage and that she's the spunky little shadow of mine.

I got all I need when I got you and I. I look around me and see
a sweet life. I'm stuck in the dark but you are my flashlight.
You're getting me through the night. ~ Flashlight by Jessie J
2. My cat Milky Way
Even though my cat hates me now that I have Bella he will always have a soft spot in my heart. He's definitely a therapy animal for me. He knows when I'm upset and his cuddles always make me feel better. He's been with me for almost six years so he's definitely been there with me though the highs and lows of been a teenager.

Don't be sad, huumhuum...I will always love you!
3. My family
      As cliche as this is, I have never been more thankful to have two amazing parents who have bent over backwards to help me out this year. They have been there with me during the highests of highs and lowest of lows (see number 3). and I am evermore grateful for them. Mum and Dad, if you're reading this, I freaking love you guys. Thank you!
     My brother and I aren't as close as we used to be and that's probably because of the teenage stage he's in. But he has helped me so much this past year. He held me while I cried after my ex and I split up. He's made me laugh and smile when I didn't want too. He's taken care of Bella when I couldn't. He's the best little brother a girl could ask for and I love him to death (even if I have to bribe him with money to take pics with me).

This pic of us cost me $20!
(Top) My Dad & I during one of my first driving lessons last year.
(Bottom) My mum I before we saw The Huntsman: Winter's War.
4. Theater
     I am so grateful to have gotten back into acting. It's always been a huge passion of mine, ever since I was really little and I'm so happy that I've finally gotten back into acting. Like dance, acting is a really good way for me to escape from my reality because as soon as I step on the stage, I am not "Tara" anymore. I am an entirely new person with new problems to overcome. And it's always really rewarding when people tell me that my performance (whether in acting or in dance) has changed them.

The Sexy Silly Girls (From L to R: Me, Beth and Bree).
5. Dance
Dance has been my life for so long, I don't remember a life before it. I am so grateful that my ankle injury this summer didn't end my dance career. Dance is the only constant in my life. It's there for me when nothing else is. To read more on just how much dance means to me, click here.
Boot ballet! Taken on a family holiday to Cambria.
6. My sisters
     I don't have any biological sisters but somehow I am lucky enough to have these four amazing people in my life.
     Jessa and I have known each other since we were in primary school. We fought like sisters a lot growing up but she is now one of my closest friends. She gets me in ways that not many other people do and she supports me no matter what.
     Laney I have also known for quite a while but became really good friends during dance classes my Freshman year. I was the inexperienced new girl and she took me under her wing and taught me how to survive the cliquiness of our old studio. We were inseparatable for quite a lot time but adulthood for both of us has made us grow apart a bit but she still remains my closest friend.
     Jaimi and I have been friends for little over a year. Like me, she deals with a lot of mental shit but we're each others rocks through it all. Her mom is like a mom to me and I am so happy to have her in my life. Like Jessa, she knows me way too well. She can tell if somethings off with me through a simple text. Not many friends have the ability to do that.
     Elizabeth and I have just started to become friends. I was super intidimated by her when we first met back in February but she has quickly become a close friend of mine. Both of our service dogs are from the same litter, we've bonded over our love for Twilight and plan to go to Forks one day and cosplay as Bella and Alice, respectively.

Top Left: Jaimi. Top Right: Elizabeth.
Bottom Left: Laney. Bottom Right: Jessa. 
7. Broadway
Whenever I'm having a bad day, listening to Broadway Cast Recordings is what makes me happy. It serves as a really good distraction because I'm always acting out whatever musical I'm listening to (currently listening to Heathers). It's one of many things that keep me sane.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Of course, I fall in love with every cat I see.
8. Being alive
I am just grateful to be alive today. There have been way to many days since last year where I didn't want to live anymore but every morning after a bad night (last bad night was yesterday) I was immensely grateful to be alive and in my home, not half-dead and in the hospital. I know that there is a purpose for my life and that's why God hasn't let the latter happen to me. I will get to where I want to be. I just have to let go and let God...

Daughter, your faith has healed you.
Go in peace and be freed from your suffering. ~ Mark 5:34
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