Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Ballet Series: A Dancer's Ultimate Wishlist | Blogsmas collab with Dancers Turn Out Better

     Hey everyone. Welcome to Week 3 of Blogmas. This is the last week of blogmas because it's usually the first 12 days of December (yes, I know I am two days late). The rest of this months posts are just the typical posts you get from me all the time. We have an interview with one of my dance inspirations next week and then the following week will be all about the Christmas show I was in.
     Anyways, today's blog post is in collab with my sister Jaimi, from Dancers Turn Out Better. We both decided write about a dancer's ultimate wishlist but since we're both specialists in two different styles of dance we decided to narrow it down to the styles of dance we specialize in. She will be writing about a Jazz dancer's ultimate wishlist and I will be writing about a Ballerina's ultimate wishlist.  So let's jump write in.

1. A Dance Bag - how else are we gonna store our dance class essentials? I recently got the Everest Dance Bag from Discount Dance. While it many be a little bit big, it has a separate compartment for quick reach items like ballet/pointe shoes, theraband, granola bars etc.

2. A Yumiko Leotard - every ballerina wants a Yumiko because they are absolutely gorgeous leotards but for some of us, Yumikos are out of our price range. So the Mariia Leotards (aka knockoff Yumikos) from Discount Dance will have to do.

3. A good pair of warmups - keeping our body warm during class is imperative. I love this top from Covet Dance. As for bottoms I am all about leggings. And LuLaRoe has the BEST leggings ever. They are absolutely perfect for ballet class.

4. Ballet shoes - because ballet shoes are obviously necessary for ballet class. I love this pair from So Danca. They fit like a second skin which makes your feet look gorgeous and it comes in variety of classical colors.

5. Pointe shoes - because how else are we gonna dance roles like Sugar Plum Fairy, Odette/Odile etc. I love this pair from Bloch. I've worn this pair since I started pointe, approximately five years ago.

7. Toe pads - to protect our feet from blisters. These gel tip toe pads from Pillows for Pointe are the best!

8. A turnboard - turns are very important in ballet and a turnboard is a fantastic way to help dancers who are not natural turners (such as myself) become natural turners.

9. A inflatable balance dics - a very good way to gain ankle strength which is necessary for pointe. Check out this video from Kathryn Morgan on how to use this disc to gain ankle strength. This is on Amazon Prime so it will arrive two days (sometimes three) after you purchase it.

10. A book to write down corrections - a very useful tool for serious dancers. I love my DanceJour. It's like a typical daily planner but for dancers. The really awesome thing now is that they are on Amazon Prime which is perfect for last-minute Christmas shopping.

Here's an old photo of me as
The Sugar Plum Fairy.
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