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Behind the Curtains: Believe in Christmas

     Hello, everyone. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I surely did, spending it with the people I love the most. My family. I got pretty much all that I wanted which is always nice. I didn't have a big wish list anyways.
     So today, I am bringing to you all the lovely details of the Believe in Christmas show that I was in at our local theater. We're the "local celebrities" because theater and dance are a huge part of my town so all of us who have acted or danced in shows are local celebrities. The theater company I did this show with is the heart of our town and I was so thrilled and honored to perform with them before I move in January. I hope you all enjoy this post. So let's get into the audition process.

Auditions + my solos (Clara and Sugar Plum Fairy).
     When I first heard that this show was a variety show I knew that I had to somehow dance in it. There aren't many dancers in my town to begin with, and since I've been dancing all my life I knew I had to join. So I called up the director and proposed to him that I dance as The Sugar Plum Fairy. He called me back a few days before the auditions and loved my idea. So I knew that my audition for the show would be really easy and not at all nerve-wracking at all. All I had to do was dance and I got in; I didn't even have to sing. I totally forgot that I was wearing traditional ballerina garb underneath my warm ups until after my audition was over. Oh well.
     Before the rehearsals had even begun I was asked to also dance Clara in addition to Sugar Plum Fairy. That made me thrilled because Clara was the only role for girls/women that I had never done because usually Clara was done by a younger girl in The Nutcrackers I've been it. Finding music for the Clara dance was tough but it was super easy to choreograph. I had a lot of fun with this dance and everyone loved it. The character and all fit me really well.
      Sugar Plum was my standard variation that I've danced a bazillion times before. I made a few changes to the dance but nothing major. It's easily my favorite dance, probably because I know it so well.

Pre-show Rehearsals/Tech rehearsals
     Unfortunately due to school and work, I was only able to attend rehearsals on Wednesdays but it was definitely the highlights of my week. For the most part, all my dances were self-choreographed and worked on at home. The first time I practiced my dance at the theater was during the tech rehearsal. Speaking of tech rehearsals, here's a crazy story for you.
     On Friends & Family night I had a test at one (of two) of the community colleges I attend. After the test was over, I race back home to get to the show. I got there only 30 minutes after the show had begun (given that this college is an hour away from the theater) and got there just in time to get into costume and perform my Clara dance. It went beautifully and without any problems which made me thrilled only to find out that I didn't have any water because my water spilled in my dressing room while I was out dancing. I was crazy out of breath and had only 90 sec to get into costume for the next number after my dance. But I made it in time and it all went well.

Opening weekend (Friday, Dec 9th - Sunday, Dec 11th)
     Opening weekend went amazing. I had an absolute blast singing, dancing and being a performer. All of my dances went perfectly because I finally wasn't caught up in winning a competition or impressing my instructor. It was about sharing my God given gift of dance with everyone who came tonight. It was about sharing my love of Christmas time. It was about me doing what I was meant to do. Of course, my parents were there and so was my therapist which I loved. I've always wanted to have her come see shows of mine and it was lovely to have her there.
     After my,Sugar Plum Fairy dance our director made an announcement that I had got accepted into FPU which I didn't hear but was super exciting to be told about after the show was over. Afterwards, people kept con me and I had no idea if it was about FPU or the show. I figured it was both.

Closing Weekend (Friday, Dec 16th - Sunday, Dec 18th).
     Luckily the week after the opening weekend we didn't have any rehearsals which is good because I got really sick but was feeling good enough to perform closing weekend. Nothing was going to keep me from performing...except maybe a fever of 101...which I didn't have anyways. The first show that week felt kinda flat to me maybe because we still had a ton of seats open and because I was still sick.
     The next day, my best friend and sister from another mister, Jessica came along with her mum and boyfriend. It was lovely to have them there to see me sing and perform because I've gotten so much better with my musicality and technique since being in this show. I think that's because for once I am only dancing for Jesus, myself and for Henna. I didn't have to impress anyone and that takes away all the pressure.
     Sunday was the last show and it was by far the tightest show we had. There was a ton of energy and focus in the atmosphere, I felt amazing, like I was on this constant high all throughout the show. (If you want a better explanation of that phrase click here). I killed my dances and my songs. I all in all had amazing show and loved every single second of it. It was really bittersweet when the show was over but I am so honored to have been in this production.
     There was a cast party but I didn't have many friends in the show so I ended up going out to dinner with my family afterward. All in all, the past two weekends are what I will remember most about my time living in my hometown.

Here are pictures from the show.

I always have to get a pic of the 
"Cast and Crew only" sign whenever
I'm in a show. It makes me feel so 

That feeling when you know
you absolutely killed it out there.

My friend Lauren came to see the show!

For Clara I get to have super curly
 hair (done with a curling iron) and
a ditsy half-pony. I love it!

There was a poster outside our local 
Rite Aid and I of course had to take a pic.
Shortly after this was taken, someone who
saw the show came up to me and asked for
my autograph and wanted to know what 
my vocal range was. I'm an alto, in case
you were wondering.

With the beautiful singer Charlotte.
Get this: She's 7! 

From my Clara Variation. 
(pc: Steve from Sierra Star).

From my Sugar Plum Fairy variation.
(pc: Steve from Sierra Star).

And that's a wrap on 2016! Happy New Year!
(pc: Steve from Sierra Star).

     I hope you enjoyed this post. As always please give this post a +1 on Google+, follow me on all my social media sites and leave me a comment below telling me if you've done any Christmas shows lately and what role you had. 

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