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Seasonal Favorites: Fall '16

     Hey everyone. I hope you all are having a good week so far. The fall semester ended for me last Friday so I've been enjoying my time sleeping and being lazy. So far I've met with one of my best friends from childhood, Jacquie and will be seeing all my theater friends at a little get together I'm hosting tomorrow called Friendsmas. I just know it's going to be an absolute blast...if only I could stop stressing over all the house work I have to do before then.
     Anyways, since today is officially the first day of Winter, I thought I'd bust out my Fall Faves for you all before it's too late. Enjoy!

Shailene Woodley
     Now that the majority of all my TV shows are on winter hiatus, I haven't found anything to watch so I've been rematching movies from my childhood. After rematching Felicity: An American Girl Adventure I feel in love with Shailene Woodley. She's most known for The Secret of the American Teenager, The Fault In Our Stars and The Insurgent series. After watching films of her's I've found out what a phenomenal actress she is. She's an amazing human being too, with her humanatarism, even if she does it in the US.

She's just too gorgeous.
The Nutcracker
Duh! Any person who calls themselves a bunhead but doesn't watch The Nutcracker a million times, it's not a true bunhead. All The Nutcracker's I've seen are just clips on youtube to help me get inspiration for the Clara and The Sugar Plum Fairy variations I did in Believe in Christmas. I especially love watching variations that are not from professional ballet company's because I've tended to draw my inspiration from that over professional ballets. Here are two pictures of me from Believe In Christmas. I've also included a link to the Clara Variation I used the most for inspiration.

Sugar Plum Fairy Variation (pc: Steve from Sierra Star).
Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream
I got my ear cartilage pierced in August and it got pretty badly infected to where there was a huge lump where the back of my earring sits. It was really painful but not gooey at all. The antiseptic I got when I got my ear pierced wasn't doing too much so I decided to try Boroline, which is also amazing for chapped lips as well as post surgery scars. This cream wiped out the infection in three days. My ear barely hurts now and the swelling and rednesses went down immensely within 24ish hours.  I swear by this for any kind of superficial injury.

If I got all of this in my stocking
I'd be the happiest girl alive.
Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella
I'm all for reading books that have to do with illnesses I suffer from and this book is no different. It's about a 14 year old girl named Audrey who suffers from social anxiety and how she's able to work through her condition through a friend Linus, who's a good friend of her brothers. I'm not going to give anymore away but this book is seriously amazing and I highly recommend it.

Perfect way for me to spend any lazy day.
Hot Chocolate
I'm gonna be honest and say that I've never been a fan of hot chocolate but ever since rehearsals began for Believe In Christmas, I've been craving hot chocolate, probably because we sing a song called Hotta Chocolatta in the show. Anyway, I found a recipe from a website called Bon Appetit Recipe and their hot coco creation is amazing! It's especially good with whipped cream, marshmallows and cinnamon on top.

Hotta hotta chocloatta. Flip a dip a wippa cream!
BQ Chicken Pizza from Round Table
Ever since I started working at a local pizza parlor I've had this non stop craving for their BQ chicken pizza. It is just delish and I eat it at least three times a week. Here is a recipe I found so you can make your own BQ chicken pizza.

I mean, just look at all that deliciousness.
Garnier Anti-frizz Shine Serum
My hair goes crazy during the winter. I've always been on the lookout for an anti-frizz shine serum that wouldn't make my hair look greasy. This is one product I've used before and loved so I, of course had to use it again. And it's made my hair look salon worthy every day.

Serious hair saver for girls with 
frizzy and curly hair (like moi).
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
This is by far the best mascara I've ever used. It makes my lashes look insane and it works really well on blending in my natural lashes with fake lashes when I wear them for shows. People ask me all the time if I'm wearing falsies when I wear this mascara. Don't let the name or the slight (over)price of the mascara fool you because it is not one to miss out on.

I love how the pink of my rug matches perfectly 
with the tube of mascara.
TV Show:
Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life
I've never been into Gilmore Girls but when the revival came out all my friends would not shut up about it so I had to watch it with them. And I was pleasantly surprised with it. Sure, there were a few actors I don't care for on the show but I really loved it. I will definitely rewatch it over break and might try out the TV show again.

This show (at least the revival) is a must watch
during these weeks off from school.
Heathers (as always)
This should be no surprise to you all. Heathers is my life. The musical is so catchy and makes the serious issue of teen suicide seem lighter. Not that teen suicide is a laughing matter, by any means, it's not (I would know) but the musical just breaks the taboo around the topic. And how can you not get songs like Candy Store out of your head? The SYPC cover is amazing. I also can't wait till the state college where I live performs Heather's next year.

Welcome to my Candy Store.
The band Joseph reminds me a lot of the band The XX in terms of the genre of music. I absolutely adore their EP album I'm Alone, You're Not. All the songs are beautifully done and very relatable. I recently did a dance for my family (which will soon be a video) to the songs I Don't Mind and Honest. You absolutely must listen to their album because this band this the best discovery I've made this year.

Album cover for I'm Alone You're Not
Tis The Season from Bath & Body Works.
I am way to obsessed with this candle. I got a 3 wick one as well as a single wick because I just love this candle so much and I would gladly burn it year round. To me, it smells of apples and cinnamon and it's so delicious.

Tis the season to be jolly...fa la la la la la!
Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Plumping Mask
Like lots of you readers, somedays I get really lazy and don't want to go through my whole skincare routine. So after using a makeup wipe and micellar water to cleanse my skin, I pop on this mask before to add a little something extra to my skin. It has Dragon's Blood (from the Croton Lechleri tree) which forms a protective film on the skin to protect against environmental aggressors, salicylic acid to help with acne because it cleanses the pores and aids in exfoliation, hyaluronic acid which hydrates and refines skin texture, glycerin which draws water to the outer layers of the skin keeping it moisturized and helps restore skins suppleness and TEGO cosmo C 250 which brightens skin and fades age sports (direct quote from the website).

                                       I can totally image Daenerys Targaryen using this mask.

I Don't Mind/Honest by Joseph
I feel like lots of people with severe depression will be able to relate to these two songs. The lyrics from the song I Don't Mind really speak to me especially the line, I will love you anyway, with all your demons in the way. I really wish someone (other that my biological) family would say that to me. I feel like if I completely open up about my struggles mentally and physically, people will run in the opposite direction but if I don't open up enough I will be accused of "keeping secrets" and "not letting others help me" etc.
I know that for those who have depression always feel like they are alone but the song Honest really tells you that you're not. The lyrics "There's always two thoughts, one after the other: I'm you're not. I'm alone, no you're not." really bring the feelings of depression to light.

This is an edit I just made with the lyrics from the 
songs I talked about in it. I'm really proud of how it 
turned out. The three women the bottom are the
 singers and creators of the band.

     Merry Christmas everyone. As always please give this post a +1 on Google+, follow me on all my social media sites and leave me a comment below telling me what you've been loving this fall/winter are. See you next week.

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