Monday, 20 March 2017

Mental Health Disorders: Spokes on a Wheel | Mental Health Awareness Week

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder and Major Depression, they're all just spokes on a wheel. This one's on top, then that one's on top, and on and on it spins; crushing those on the ground. I'm not going to stop the wheel. I'm going to break the wheel. If I don't, who will? 

                   It's time to fight back.

     I have three comorbid mental health disorders. (Comorbid meaning when you have one disorder, you're likely to develop others secondary to the main one). My OCD triggers my anxiety which then triggers my depression which then triggers my OCD and on and on it spins. For me, the only way to make the wheel stop is to take medication and to stay as busy as possible. And that's what I've been doing for almost a year now. Medication is my sword, staying busy is my shield and I am breaking the wheel of having three mental illnesses. Tell me, how are you breaking the wheel?

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