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Flexibility Series: Foot/Ankle Strength

     Hello, my pretties. I hope everything is going well for you. As you all know, I have been having ankle problems a lot since last summer. I was in a plaster cast and on crutches for three weeks last August and then four weeks this year (March 8th-April 5th).  Since I am out of the cast an in a walking boot for two weeks,  I've been really working on physical therapy for my ankle. So today I'm going to share with you what I do.  Everything in this post post I've either learned in dance class for ankle strength or have learned in PT. Enjoy!

At The Barre
Dynamic Releve/Bounces/Coupe/Sauter
4 sets of 10 each
      Begin with quick releves in first, then parallel, then turned in, back to parallel and then first again. When doing the bounces I do them in first, fourth and fifth position. It's very challenging but I like it. To add to the intensity of the workout, in between the releves and bounces, try holding the releve position for 5 sec before coming down. 
      Next, do the same set but in first position only with one foot in coupe derriere. Additionally, you can do sauters with one foot in coupe derrier.
     If this workout is a little too challenging to do all at the same time (which it's supposed to be), take a 30 sec break between the releves, bounces, coupe and sauters.

Balance Disk
With a balance disk just stand on it with one foot in coupe or passe and try to hold your balance for as long as you can. If you don't have a balance disk a folded up yoga mat and towel works just as well. I do it in coupe first and then bring it up to passe turned in and then turned out. I also start with my arms in first when in coupe and then in first or fifth in passe. 

In The Center
     Felicity's tip: I like to roll my feet out with a small bouncy ball before doing any kind of foot workout. It really helps get the muscles loose and the circulation going. Good places to work out with the ball are right underneath the balls of the feet, or at the first metatarsal, and right at your arch. For this workout I like to do the entire workout once through, then a second time and finally a third verses doing each exercise three times before moving on to the next one. And you'll be needing a theraband of medium to strong reisitance for these exercies. I use the marron theraband from Bunheads.
Additionally you can do all these exercises with one foot crossed over the other and holding the theraband on the ground. 

Full Point and Flex
3 sets of 15 each
     All you're going to do is a simple pointe and flex really focusing on rolling through the feet. Make sure your foot doesn't spring up when flexing. Do these really slowly.

Sickle to Bevel 
     I know this one sounds awful but with your foot pointed you're going to sickle your foot in and then bring it out to a bevel, or wing. Again make sure your foot doesn't spring into the sickle and concetrate on bringing the foot into a wing slowly.

Toe Releves
     Again, with the toes pointed you're just going to lift the toes up and down keeping the ankle fully extended.

Anke taps/toe taps
     Now with a bent knee and your ankle fully flexed you're going to only lower your ankle down until the balls of your feet touch the ground keeping the toes flexed.
Then repeat the motion with your toes curled. Only your toes are going to touch this time, while trying to keep your arch rounded the whole time.

Full Roll Through
With the same motion as the previous exercise, you're going do to a full roll through of the foot. And then reverse it where your toes hit the ground first instead of the balls of your feet.

      I hope thist post was helpful for you. If it was don't forget to give it a +1 on Google+, follow me on all my social media sites and leave me a comment below what your favorite ankle strengthening exercises are. See you next week!

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