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Seasonal Favorites: Spring '17

     Hello my pretties. I hope you all are doing well. It's tech week for the play I'm in so when I'm not at rehearsals I am either working or sleeping because this week is going to be full of late nights...and a lot of caffeine. Anyways, today I bring to you my Spring Favorites. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Origins but all opinions are entirely my own.

Actress: Kathrine Langford
I first found out about Kathrine was through the TV show 13 Reasons Why (which I talk about later). I was in awe of her talent as an actress. She is the perfect Hannah Baker and did an absolutely brilliant job of portraying a girl who was bullied relentlessly but never once showed symptoms of depression/thoughts of suicide until it was too late. Her performance was so raw and real and made me feel exactly what her character was feeling (Empath problems). But what really surprised me is that Kathrine is only a year older than I am. I honestly though that she would be 23-24 not 21. Anyways, she's beautiful and immensely talented and I cannot wait to see where her career takes her.

Ballet: Ballet Beautiful Workouts
     Since I've been out of dance due to an injury for the past few months I spent a lot of time figuring out what my trouble areas in ballet are and then sought out workouts to help me with that. I heard a lot about the Ballet Beautiful workouts but I never had motivation to try them until a few months ago. I primarily use the inner and outer thighs workout because that's my main problem area in ballet. And let me tell you, those workouts are killer. But so worth it in the long run.

Beauty: Rose Verbena lotion by Ellen Tracy
     I've been on the hunt for a Rose scented lotion for ages. I came across this at Ross (who would have guessed that?) and I am so glad I bought it. This lotion is water-thin when you rub it in your hands and it absorbs in to your skin within 5-6 minutes. Your clothes definitely do stick to your skin if you change right after putting on this lotion so I recommend putting it on and chilling in a bathrobe until it dries. It also comes in a tub which is really nice because you won't be wasting any product. If this product hadn't been discontinued (hence the no link to the product) I would 100% repurchase it in the future.

Book: Gunpowder and Tea Cakes (My Journey with Felicity) by Kathleen Ernst
     If you know me in my personal life, then you know my new-found love for all things American Girl. You cannot imagine my excitement when I found out that not only was Felicity Merriman (the historical character I share a name with and cosplay as) would be coming back from the archives but she would also be getting three books. The first two are basically her whole book series put into two books instead of six. The third book is a My Journey book which basically leads you to different endings as you read the book. For example, let's say you're on page 21 and you have two options as to where the story goes and either choice is a different page (ex. choice A is on page 30 and choice B is on page 45). It's really fascinating how a book like that works and you learn a lot more about Felicity's time (Williamsburg, Virginia in 1775).

Drink: Bigelow Vanilla Chai
     Unlike, the character Felicity Merriman, I love tea. It's the only caffeinated drink that doesn't kill my stomach. I originally tried this tea from my roommate and I instantly fell in love. In four months, I finished a 72 pack of the K-cup version of this tea. That's a LOT of tea. I drink this hot (duh) with French Vanilla creamer and four packets (1tsp) of sugar.

Food: El Monterey Chicken Taquitos
     The first time I had Chicken Taquitos was a my friend Trevor's birthday party last year. I'm pretty sure I ate half the plate. But then when my mum bought the same taquitos I didn't like them for the longest time. Now, I probably eat four of them everyday. They are just so good I can't get enough.

Hair: Radiant Red Shampoo and Conditioner by John Frieda
     As some of you know, in March I finally dyed my hair red. It's been something I've wanted to do for ages but didn't have the courage to do. I tell people that this is what nature intended to do (since my dad was a redhead) but failed to do. I also did it for obvious reasons, my Felicity Merriman cosplay. Anyways, I've used the Brilliant Brunette version of this shampoo and conditioner before and I loved it so I wasn't hesitant to buy the variation for redheads. I freaking love it! The shampoo smells like strawberries and it does a really good job of keeping the red color from fading. It's been almost three months since I dyed my hair and it still looks as radiant (no pun intended) as it did when I first colored it.
     The photo below was taken about a month after I dyed my hair red the first time. There is very minimal editing done in this picture (mainly just my skin) so you can fully see how radiantly red my hair still is.

Human: Hannah Elizabeth
     Hannah and I met on a Spoonie chat on Instagram. We both have so much in common. She's the Veronica Sawyer to my Heather Chandler. We've had so many Skype chats and she never fails to make me laugh my face off. We were no-so secretly chatting about someone named VS and the things we were texting back and fourth about this person where so beyond funny. Our minds run on the same frequency even though we live across the country from each other. We're sometimes thinking the same thing and say it at the same time. I am so blessed to have her in my life.

Makeup: Tarte Rainforest Under The Sea Foundation in Light Sand
     I am very loyal to my Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation but I decided to venture out and try a new foundation for the summer. I was very skeptical about this foundation but so far it's definitely lived up to it's hype. This foundation is a super pretty demi matte. It looks flawless, especially in photos and it barely wears off. The only problem I have with this foundation is that you have to use more of it to achieve the same effect and it doesn't make my skin look as fair as I would like it too.

Scent: Vanilla Blush and Peony by Grace Cole
     I am obsessed with this scent. It's such a light scent but at the same time fragrant enough to last all day. I use the shower gel, body creme and the spray. I definitely want to get the lotion, the bubble bath gel and the exfoliant next time I'm at Ulta. I am so obsessed with it and the best part is that each product is only $10.

Skincare: Origins Skincare
     A few weeks ago Origins contacted me and I was estatatic when I read that the company wanted to send me a product to review on my blog. They send me the full size of their new A Perfect World Age-Defense Eye Cream with SPF-20 and I absolutely love it. It smells really nice, it blends in really well and looks great under foundation. I also really love that it's SPF 20. I've tried a few SPF eye creams before but nothing has been as fantastic as this product.
     They also sent me a face brush which can only be bought in store and I love using it with the deluxe sample size of their Cheeks & Balances Frothy Face Wash they also sent me. The bristles of the brush are so soft but it also does a great job of exfoliating the skin and help waking up the lymphatic system. This face brush is definitely going to be a staple in my skincare routine now. I can also see myself using it to blend in and exfoliate my skin when I take of my exfoliating face mask.
     The last product they sent me was a deluxe sample size of their High Potency-Night-A-Mins Mineral- Enriched Renewal Night Cream. It is absolutely amazing. It's thick but a little definitely goes a long way and it smells like a lighter version of their Calm Your Senses Stress-Reliving Face Mask which has been discontinued.
     All in all  the products I was sent are absolutely amazing and I am so so thankful to Origins for sending me these products and for sponsoring this post. You have made my one of my blogger dreams come true.

Song: Break Free by Ariana Grande
     Last week I was hanging out with my friend Elizabeth Cole and she was playing this song constantly. I've personally never been a fan of Ariana Grande but I absolutely love this song. Even the lyrics don't make much sense such as the lyric "I only wanna die alive" (wtf) I still adore the song. For me, it's about breaking free from who I used to be and finally getting rid of the chains and shackles that were holding me back from who I want to be.

TV Show: 13 Reasons Why
     It's no surprise that this show is on my list of spring favorites. Everyone has been absolutely buzzing about this show since Netflix released it on March 31st.
I know I am a bit late to the game but I had school and theater to focus on at the time the show came out.
But now that school is out I binge watched it two days. I freaking loved this show. I loved how open and raw and real it was. There is nothing about this show that glorifies suicide. This show shows real life is the most real way possible.
     Yes, for someone who has been in Hannah Baker's shoes in terms of feelings (not experiences that led up to said feelings) this show was very triggering for me and I am still frazzled by it a bit even though I've only seen it once, and I saw it a few weeks ago.
     I am currently reading the book and trying to built up the courage to post on here my 13 Reasons Why/13 Reasons Why Not post that I shared on my Instagram and Facebook. I probably will sometime in June or July.

    So that concludes my post about my spring favorites. As always, please share this post if you liked it and leave a comment for me below what your spring faves are. Have a great week and I’ll catch you all next month!

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