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Beauty Reviews: Illume Candles

     Hello everyone. I hope you all are having a lovely month of June so far. I've been working a lot lately which keeps me very busy. Anyways, with my first work paycheck I decided to buy somethings from one of my favorite companies Illume Candles. The first time I discovered Illume Candles was a sometime last semester when I picked up the Thai Lily perfume from a local bookstore. I was so in love with the scent, that I picked up a candle in the same sent a few weeks later. I quickly finished the vial of perfume I bought and had to order more. So here is my recent Illume Candle haul and review. Enjoy!


     I was not expecting this order to come as fast as it did. It took only a couple of days. I was thrilled when I got home from errands on Friday and saw the package waiting for me.
     The first thing in the box was a small free gift that they include with every order. It was a mini candle in the scent Gilded Amberleaf, which is a nice but super strong scent, a hand cream in the Desert Tulip scent (which I also love) and a mini box of matches.
     After opening the first layer of protective wrapping, I was immediately impressed with how tighly and securely everything was packaged. I probably could have dropped one of the candles on our wood floor and nothing would have happened (no, I didn't test that theory out).
     I had ordered two candles and room/linen spray in the Thai Lily scent of course. It's a very feminine scent but it's not super overpowering either. The top notes are: bali mango, blood orange, sparkling pineapple, and white nectarine. The middle notes are: gardenia, assiatic lily and mimosa flower. Finally, the base notes are: sensual musk, amber resin, and brazilian teak. All together it's an absolutely gorgeous scent.
     Both candles have adorable packaging. The smaller one is going to be in my bathroom for my pampering days while the larger candle will remain in my room. The linen/room spray is a bigger bottle than I was expecting but it's still gorgeous looking. I'll mainly be using it on my clothes and before I leave my room.
     I plan on buying the bath salts, body wash (found on Amazon) and body bar in this particular scent someday soon.

Total Review
Arrival: ☆☆☆☆
Packaging: ☆☆☆☆☆
Scent: ☆☆☆☆

                                                           Left: Vanity Tin Candle.
                                                        Center: Linen/Room Spray.
                                                      Right: Demi Lustre Jar Candle.

     So that concludes my Illume Candles Review. As always, please share this post if you liked it and leave a comment for me below if you've ever tried products from Illume before. Have a great week and I’ll catch you all week.

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