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Behind the Wings: Framed! A Fairytale Mystery

     Hello everyone. As you probably have guessed it, this blog post is all about the show that I was most recently in. It is called Framed! A Fairytale Mystery written by the brilliant Heather Sconce. First of all, I will give a synopsis of this story because it is not based on a well known story like Beauty & The Buccaneer was. Then I will take about the audition process, my character, the rehearsal process, how tech (read: hell) week was and finally the show.

The synopsis:
     Prince John from Nottingham is a reformed prince who is no longer evil has moved to the land of Once Upon A Time where unfortunately no one believes that he is reformed. He is given a two day test, to watch over the Red Ruby, which was given to the Fairy Godmother. The Red Ruby is what keeps all the fairytales in tact. But alas, the Red Ruby goes missing and Prince John knows he was framed. He only has 24 hours to clear his name or he will be banished to the Land of the Villains forever. Can Prince John clear his name and finally join the Princely League of Princes or will he remain a villain forever.

The audition:
     The audition process went very well for me. I was very excited for this show and confident in my acting ability. During one of the readings, I was reading for Snow White, and Jesse, who played Prince John always had to made some kind of joke about the princess. So his joke for me was that I was "too short for his taste" which was super funny. It was nice that Jesse asked me first if he could make a short joke during my reading because I'm not a fan of short jokes at all.
     Fortunately and unfortunately, we had a MASSIVE turnout at the audition and just by what was written for the audition, I knew that either more characters would have to be added or not everyone would get a part. But luckily the former is what happened. I got the role of FIT or FAIRY (In Training) which is one of the narrators of the story, alongside the Fairy Godmother. While our characters aren't the main leads, we are probably the most important supporting characters because without us, there would be no story.

My character and costume: 
     The easiest way to describe FIT is a twelve year old on a sugar high who hurt herself from dancing too much. I was unfortunately in a cast for the entire rehearsal and show process so we scripted in my injury into my character which I really like. All the jokes the Fairy Godmother and I made about my injury were completely add libbed and absolutely hysterical.
     My costume was a beautiful blue and pink dress that could very well have been used in a ballet like La Sylphide. The unfortunate part was that at first the dress was too small for me in the sense that we couldn't zip it up so we had to turn the back into a corset which made me love the dress even more. I also got to wear a beautiful flower crown my sister Bree made and a beautiful pair of fairy wings. I loved my costume so much, I ended up buying it because the costume was a) very old and b) tailored specifically to me so it just made sense that I would buy it. I plan on going as a Fairy for Halloween this year because that's something I haven't done before.
     I also got to do some really pretty makeup. To make me more fairy-like I ventured out into the world of bright eyeshadows and eyeliner. I even had white temporary tattoos put on the outside corner of my eye and then colored it in with eyeshadow. Each show I had different "tattoos". It was really fun to play around with it.

The rehearsals and hell week:
     The rehearsals were very much similar to last year in the sense that I had a LOT of down time to do homework and such. But this time around I was in the beginning of every scene and I had a lot more lines to memorize. The rehearsals we the most difficult because there were lots of primary school kids in the show and they weren't very organized to say the least. But who can blame them? Their kids.
     Once cuts in the script had been made that took out most of the parts for the kids, rehearsals became smoother and easier to do. We got in a full run through a week before tech week started which was crazy. I feel as if we had more rehearsals like last year, the rehearsals of this show would have gone much smoother. But I understand why we only rehearsed once a week with the directors daughter's dance competitions and all.
     One funny memory I have from rehearsals is when Sleeping Beauty enters the narration and I try to wake her up. The noises I had to make were completely up to me so on the first try I was lightly pounding on Tally (Sleeping Beauty) while making monkey noises. The director, Tally and I found it so so funny we were laughing about that for a good five minutes. I also really like how at the end of the scene the Fairy Godmother tries to call me off stage like you would call a dog. Me barking like a dog made it even more funny.
     Hell week wasn't really hell week at all. For my part, the rehearsals went very well.

The performances:
It was amazing to preform again, it's been ages since I've done so. I got to do lots of really awesome fairy makeup and I had an absolute blast doing it. My costume was made in a way where I could hide my phone in my bra which isn't something I should do...oops! One of my favorite memories of the show was on closing night my sister Jessa came (99% of all my modeling photos have been taken by her) and she was sitting in the front row so during one of my lines where I interact with the audience I did a little ad-lib and said, "I can tell the girl sitting in the front of Table Two really wants to see it (meaning a dance I was making up in my head because the Fairy Godmother wouldn't let me dance)." The lighting crew immediately put a spotlight on my friend which made her laugh so much. And, Jen, who played the Fairy Godmother so badly wanted to say, "Don't encourage her Jessa." (because knowing Jessa, she would always encourage me to dance, even if I was injured, I'd find a way around that).

I unfortunately don't have any photos of the actual show to share because they are still being edited. When I get photos, I will be sure to add them here.

So that pretty much wraps up this post. If you liked it please make sure to give it a +1 on Google+, share it with all your thespian friends and follow me on all my social media accounts. See you in a week!

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