Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Conversations with Felicity: 20 Thoughts On Turning 20

     Hello everyone. Did you hear that? My twenties have quietly arrived. Today, the author of this blog has turned 20 years old and in celebration of this milestone I decided to write 20 thoughts I have on turning 20. Some of them pertain to the age I was at each number and some are just really random thoughts I had in the days leading up to turning 20.

1. Where the fuck has the time gone? Like seriously? It seems like just yesterday I was a juvenile 13 year old telling everyone I was 16.
2. A lot of shit has happened these past two decades but I have survived them all.
3. In my head I feel like a fifteen year old but I have the life of an adult. I live on my own, I have a child (aka my PSD Bella), I have a S.O. and I'm in college doing adult things in preparation for an adult career.
4. I don't feel like an adult though. For example, whenever I listen to the 25th Anniversary Concert for Les Mis I start to act it out and, it feels as thought I went back in time to 2013 when I was a fifteen year old loving a guy who would never love me back. Same thing applies for Into The Woods and The Wizard of Oz.
5. Other times, like when I'm in town or in the city shopping on my own I have to think of my budget and "Do I really need a new foundation when I have two bottles at home that I never finished because I didn't like the product?"
6. Remember that redhead person who used to bully you back in the third grade. You and this person will start dating in 2016 and will still be together in 2017. We've known each other for fourteen years and I still can't believe that this person is mine.
7. Wow! I really have been through hell and back multiple times since 2014 and you know what? I've survived each trip and lived to tell the tale.
8. If I had known at eight years old than when I turned seventeen I would start to become "well-known" in my hometown and the city near me I never would have believed it.
9. Even though I look young thanks to my good genes I really need to start taking care of my skin because in 5 years I will be in the "Quarter-life Crisis" (or so my favorite skincare company calls being in your mid twenties). I really need to look into anti-aging products now instead of waiting until it's too late.
10. Insecure teenagers wear makeup every day no matter what. Mature adults can go days without makeup and can be seen in public with no makeup and pajamas on. It's totally normal as an adult to do that.
11. I'm still insecure about things I was insecure about as a teenager. Everyone has insecurities. We're human.
12. Only one more year until I can legally!!!
13. You were really obsessed with Twilight at thirteen years old, weren't you? Ha!
14. Taking ballet seriously at age fourteen was the best and worst decision I've ever made.
15. Being in a relationship really doesn't matter when you're a teenager. Sure it may seem "cool" but it's also cool to focus on your studies and things you're passionate about. You'll have plenty of time to date later.
16. Your glass is overflowing and spilling on to your pants Felicity. Wake up and smell the flowers already!
17. Who knew you could keep up with taking college classes and high school at the same time. You graduated with six college credits and a 3.8 GPA. You're smarter than you think.
18. Eighteen is going to fucking suck big time. But you can get through it.
19. You finally did what you've always wanted to do, you MOVED AWAY!!
20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Congratulations, I'm no longer at risk for teen pregnancy.

    I know this post is super random but I thought I should at least celebrate turning 20 somehow on my blog. I didn't have anything planned for my birthday except a summer intensive which was yesterday and tomorrow, with my birthday off to just chill. I spent my day with my family as well as beginning intensive Physical Therapy for my ankles. Hope you all have a good week. See you soon!

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  1. Ooooooh, I LOVE this and am definitely stealing the idea. I turn twenty on Saturday.

    Commenting as part of my challenge:

    1. I'm so glad you liked this idea. I can't wait to read what you have to say on turning twenty. Happy early birthday!