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Seasonal Faves: Summer '17

     Hey everyone. I had my second IV Vitamin Infusion yesterday and I am feeling fantastic. I have more energy to pack up for Uni. I leave on Sunday. I also had an MRI for my knee because almost two weeks ago I "broke" my knee (technically term: tibia plateau fracture). I am currently in a limited ROM (range of motion) knee brace and on crutches (as per usual). I'm hoping that I'll be fine in 6-8 weeks.
     I'm long overdue for a favorites post right? Well, here is the favorites post for the summer before it becomes too late. Enjoy!

Actor/Actress: Emilia Clarke
From being in romance/drama movies such as Me Before You, to kicking ass in Terminator Genisys as well as being able to deliver the famous line, "Come with me if you want to live." to shining bright and speaking a completely new language as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, is there anything that Emilia Clarke can't do. I vote for her to play Cher in a remake of Clueless (have you seen her Valley Girl accent? If not, click here). She is immensely talented, definitely a prankster and so down to earth.

Emilia Clarke in GOT
Emilia Clarke today
Ballet Book: Girl In Motion and Breaking Pointe by Miriam Wenger-Landis.
These books fall into my book and ballet category. Both books are about the wonderful world of dancing pre-professionally in hopes of joining a ballet company. Both books go deep into the struggles dancers face in terms of criticism, jealousy, body-image and depression. Without giving anything away, if you are interested in knowing more about what my life was like as a pre-professional ballerina, you must read these books (even though they aren't about me).

Makeup: Ipsy Subscription
I love makeup so much. I used to be subscribed to Ipsy during my first year of college but ended my subscription due to the cost. All you do to join is make an account, take a short quiz about your beauty loves/hates etc and then pay a monthly fee of $10 to have five brand name makeup products delivered to your door mid month. Some products are full size and some are a deluxe sample size.
Now that I have more money to spare, I thought I would bring renew my subscription and so far I haven't been disappointed. Sure, maybe one (of five) products might not suit me but the majority of them do and I love it just the same. Some products I've received via Ipsy I've loved so much I've bought the full size product such as the Evelyn Iona Cosmetics Cream Blush in ASH. All in all, Ipsy is worth the $10 to get makeup products retailing $50+ if you were to purchase the full sizes on your own.

Musical: Legally Blonde
When I was younger the Jazz 4 class did a dance to Ohmigod You Guys from the Legally Blonde musical. I was obsessed with that dance and ended up learning all the choreography by watching it so many times. The local theatre did Legally Blonde Jr. for their summer workshop performance and it was absolutely fantastic. The musical was shortened into ten songs that perfectly summed up the musical. So after seeing the kids version I immediately had to watch the full adult version and it did not disappoint. I absolutely love it and have been listening to Ohmigod You Guys nonstop since seeing the GCT Summer Workshop Performance.

Scent: Moroccan Rose by Tree Hut
You guys know I'm all about that rose scent. I absolutely love it. I had gotten a mango body scrub/body butter set from my sister Laney for my birthday last year and I love how strong the scent was. So when I was in search of a rose scented body scrub and lotion I knew that it had to be from Tree Hut. Not only are the products strongly scented they are also fortified with Organic Shea Butter and Argan oil which means it's ultra moisturizing.

Skincare: Origins 10 Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin
This mask 110% lives up to it's name. It really does rescue problem skin. Lately, my skin has been looking duller than normal and I have been breaking out more often. In that case, I always turn to my trusty 10 Minute Mask for Problem Skin. I just apply a thick later on to my skin after I've washed and exfoliated. I leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off. I follow up with Pixi Overnight Glow Serum and Clean & Clear Acne Control moisturizer and kaboom! My skin looks instantly better by the next morning. Doing this at least once a week for maximum results has really helped my skin look flawless.

Singer: Joseph
I've talked about the band Joseph's new album I'm Alone, No You're Not before but I haven't talked yet about their beautiful EP album Native Dreamer Kin. I am absolutely loving their first album and I can related to pretty much every single song on the album. My favorites this summer have been "Cloudine" "Lifted Way" "Tally Marks" and "Eyes to the Sky".

TV show: Reign
My sister Nathalie (read my interview with her here) has been begging me to watch this show for months. I finally caved because I love historical dramas and I was not disappointed. I absolutely loved the show and fully watched all four seasons in a matter of weeks. It follows the life of fifteen year old Mary Queen of Scotts from when she comes back to French court after a failed attempt to be poisoned at French convent where she has been living since the age of nine to her execution at the age of forty-four. There is lots of drama and love and death on this show. It was beautifully created with an immensely talented cast and crew. I cannot recommend it enough.

     So that concludes my favorites post. If you liked it please make sure to give this post a +1 on Google+, share it with anyone you like and leave me a comment below telling me your top three favorites from this summer. Catch you all next month!

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