Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Mental Health Disorders: Mental Illness at Church | Collab with Ally Renee | Mental Health Awareness Day

     Happy World Mental Health Day. Today, very much like Sept 10th, is an important day for me. Today's the day I get to speak up about mental health and this year I decided to have my really good internet friend Ally help me out with that. She wrote this awesome short informative essay on mental illness at church and I am thrilled to share that with you guys. So let's get right into it.

     Let me throw a number at you, 45.9 million. That is the number of adults who suffered from mental illness (depression anxiety etc) In the United States in 2012. And that's just adults, add in children who struggle and their families, and the number of people who are impacted by this gets a whole lot bigger. 
     Let me throw another number at you; 2,000, that's  how many members a church of 6,000 can have struggling with mental illness at any given time. Shocking isn't it? 1/3 of the People we see every Sunday or Wednesday could be struggling and we never see it. Why? Because of the stigma attached, our society has become so fixated on other people's opinions, even inside the church that people fear being judged, or questioned if their lives don't look perfect. 
     Why is it this way? What has happened to brothers and sisters in Christ? When did struggling become so taboo, that we can't go to those who are supposed to love us most in our trials? God's love is for the imperfect and the broken... not those who never have a bad day, and since Jesus died for ALL of mankind I would think that we are all imperfect. It's time that we showed our flaws, showed everyone who we really are. It is time to get back to the church of Paul, a church where people encouraged each other. 
     Let me throw a number at you; one. One person is all it takes, one person who reaches out goes outside their comfort zone and befriends someone struggling with mental illness. One person can be the difference between smothering loneliness and a glimmer of hope. God commands us to be lights, and this world needs light now more than ever. Be a light and a friend.

I hope you all enjoyed this guest post. If you did don't forget to share it with all the lovely people in your life and leave me a comment below telling me what your thoughts on mental health in the church setting are. See you all in a week!

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