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Dancing Through Life's Lessons: How Too Always Look Put Together

     Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2017 was better for you than it was for me. The only think I kissed at midnight was 2017 goodbye (and good riddance). When comparing 2016 to 2017, 2017 made the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones look like a pillow fight. That's how bad 2017 was for me. But it's all finally in the past so I can just go on living my life.
     Before I get into today's post there is a very important thing I'm going to address. I will not be blogging as much as I used to in 2018. I've put a lot of time and energy in this blog and I don't see it going in the direction I want it too so I'm going to take a step back for a while. Instead of a post every week, you'll be getting a post every other week. That allows me to focus on school more and gives me more time to make sure that each post I put out, reaches my standards. I will still be doing YouTube every week so keep a look out for that. I finally surpassed 100 subscribers so if you want to find my channel here's my permalink - Forever Rose.
     One comment I get from people is how I always look like I have my shit together (believe me, there are many-a-days where I don't). So today I'm going to share with you my tips for looking like you've got your shit together. Enjoy!

The Top Four Keys
These four keys apply to basically everyone who might be reading this. If you want to look like you've got your shit together, these four things alone are enough. Everything else listed are just random things that give off the "appearance" of looking like you've got everything all sorted out.

1. Fashion
     Learn what your body shape is and how to accentuate that. Some body shapes are, pear, hourglass, banana, or apple. For example, girls with smaller boobs look better when their top has ruffles in that area. It makes smaller boobs look bigger.
     Also learn what your skin tone is and what colors look best on you. As a redhead with a warm skin tone, dark blues, purples, and greens look best on me.
     Make sure your clothing reflects your own personal style and taste, that you're comfortable wearing whatever you want as well as making sure that your clothing smells good and that there aren't any holes or stains. My personal style is edgy with a girly twist. I love big floral print with a black background and because of my short height, I always wear heels (even in a wheelchair).

2. Hair
Similar to your body shape, your face also has a shape. When it comes to you hair, find the best haircut you like for your face shape. I have a diamond face shape and for me I look best with bangs and collarbone length straight/wavy hair. You shouldn't have to change the texture of your hair though because that is expensive, damaging and unnecessary.
Always keep your hair looking clean (if you're busy try shampoo and hair oil will become your best friends) with no split ends. How you style your hair (down, up, half up etc) is totally up to you. I tend to always do a half pony because it looks best with bangs.

3. Makeup
Guess what, your eyes also have a shape and the makeup you do can either make your eyes look smaller or bigger. Naturally you want your eye makeup to accentuate your eye shape and make them look bigger. I have downturned hooded eyes so when I do makeup I want to add depth to my crease and make my eyes look upturned via a cat eye.
Make sure you take very good care of your skin by removing makeup every night, moisturizing daily,  wearing sun screen, exfoliating weekly and doing a face mask at least twice a week according to your skin type (dry, oily, acne prone, combination etc).

4. Physical appearance
You want to always be in good health. That means eating clean, drinking lots of water, showering, working out, moisturizing your body etc. Stay away from tanning beds because that's a recipe for skin cancer; but if you want to look tan mix a bit of a tanning lotion with your daily moisturizer.

Everything else
Everything else listed are just random things that I have in my life that have given people the impression that I have my shit together.

5. Carry a travel coffee cup with yo
Even if you don't drink coffee, having one of these will really give off the "I've got my shit together" illusion. You can put water or tea in it because, it's not like anyone else besides yourself will know.

6. During breaks from school or works go on a "retreat". 
That could mean any number of things such as going to the beach, or even just staying alone at home.  If you do go on trips, save some pictures to post on social media for when you say you're going on a "retreat" but you'r really not

7. PJ sets
PJ sets always give off the look of having everything together. Plus PJ sets are super cute and affordable.

8. Host or attend dinner parties
If you have a small circle of friends, take turns hosting weekly or monthly dinner parties. If you do it monthly, you could even turn it into a book club. Book clubs are a fantastic way to increase your intellectual and social wellness.

9. Have a planner
This is essential for students but can apply to anyone. Having a planner with a weekly schedule will not only help you prioritize your time but it will also give off the illusion of having a busy life. If anyone asks you if you have plans and you either don't want to go or are unsure about it the statement, "I'll have to check my planner and I'll get back to you on that" should be your default.

10. Don't hide medical problems
If you have to take medication, don't be ashamed of it. You'd be surprised how many people take medication for a physical or mental illness. And if you can, be an advocate for whatever conditions you have. Raising awareness and doing volunteer work at walks/fundraising events will definitely help.

11. Have opinions and share them on social media
This is where my blog and YT channel come in handy. They are my platforms to share my knowledge and opinions with whoever might be reading this. Having a specific uploading schedule of when videos/blog posts go up are also important in growing this platform as well as showing people you've got your life together.

12. Have an idea about what you want to do with your life
Whenever people ask me about my future plans, I always have an answer. That's because I've know what field I've wanted to go into my whole life. The medical field. It was the what part of the medical field I never really knew until I began college. But now I have a fully articulated answer with reasons to back it up as to why I am majoring in psychology, minoring in dance and wanting to become a rehabilitation counselor (aka a psychotherapist who specifically works with newly disabled people). And when they hear my answer I always get some comment saying, "Well, it seems like you've got your life sorted out." (Sometimes in my head I laugh and say something like, the power of illusion because most days I don't even know why I chose psychology. Only God will tell me why He wants me in this field, in His timing.

13. Travel regularly
Even if traveling means going 45 minutes away to a beach or a National Park. And make sure to take pictures of your travels to share on social media. And as an added bonus, having friends in other parts of the world makes you seem more worldly. Now speaking of social media...

14. Social media
Be on every SM outlet you can and be as active as you can on all three. There's a way on Instagram to instantly share every thing you post to Facebook and Twitter. Being active on Sm, especially the "stories" section of Snapchat and Instagram. Show people how awesome your life is but don't be afraid to be raw and real on SM at times.

15. Have opinions on the new music, movies and restaurants that come out
This shows you that you're open minded to things and that you have "spare time" to do these things. Even when it comes to movies, reading summaries of the movies, watching clips etc can give you opinions on the movies even if you haven't seen them.

16. Subscribe to magazines
Having an extensive magazine collection is definitely a way to seem that you have your life together. Some magazines to have are Seventeen, Vogue, Allure, Elle, etc. These magazines are gems, especially for the avid fashion, heath and beauty person.

17. Own and wear a watch
People who wear a watch always seem to look put together. The watch could be as cheap as the $15 one I have from Target. It looks way more expensive than it actually was but that's kinda the whole point.

18. Wear active gear often, even if you don't go to the gym
Those who are fully in charge of their lives go to the gym or take classes a gym in their area offers. So next time you're going grocery shopping, don't be afraid to go in clear active gear. This immediately gives you the look of "Who's that girl that everybody watches when she walks by. She's got it all together and she's not shy." (Lyrics from L.I.F.E. by The Saddle Club

19. Be prepared for anything
In your handbag you should always have a mini first-aid kit with items such as baby wipes, pads, liners, tampons, bandaids, cause pads, gauze rolls, gum, a mini sewing kit, a nail filer, pepper spray etc.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you did don't forget to give it a +1 on Google Plus and let me know if you have any other tips for making it seem like you've got your shit together. See you all in two weeks!

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