Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Ballet Series: Frappes

     Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well. I am doing pretty good, aside the fact that I miss being at school like you wouldn't believe. I miss literally wheeling myself from my apartment to the cafeteria and having food already made for us. Makes me realize how much I took for granted at school. 
     Anyways, it is about time I bring back the ballet series posts to my blog as well as all the other dance related posts I used to write about when I first started this blog. So today we're gonna be talking about frappes, one of the ballet moves I despise the most.

     At all times, keep in mind the frappe means “to strike”. You will be “striking the floor” with your foot. Another tip is to think of frappes from the knees down. There is no movement from your knees up.
     Now, there are two kinds of frappes. Flexed and wrapped. You’re typically always taught it flexed because it’s easiest to learn but for me it’s the opposite. I find wrapped frappes when your body angle changes depending on where your foot is striking the ground. I can’t ever understand flexed frappes. 

     When frapping to the front, the strike happens instantly. The formula for a frappe is flex —> ball of the foot —> out to degagge position. 

     The easy way to find where your “wrapped” foot is, put your foot in the flexed position and then curl the toes back. Doing it wrapped is honestly easier for me because your foot is already pointed so it’s almost as if your just hitting your toes on the ground before doing a degagge. But when you’re doing it to the back, it’s only your big toe that strikes the ground.

     I know this post was shorter than the majority of my ballet posts but to recap, the only thing that's important to know about frappes is that you must strike the ground and that the only movement is from the knees down.
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