Friday, 1 June 2018

Dancing Through Life's Lessons: Dear Darling

Dear darling,

     I know deep inside, you may think of yourself in black and white and you may judge yourself unfavorably.

     You call yourself hostile names, and you may believe too much bad of your mind and heart.
Sometimes you may think you’re undeserving of love, because you feel awful and difficult and strange.

     You may give yourself a million excuses to explain why the world, your friends, and family are too gentle with you.

     But darling, let me tell you how I see you. I understand the need to berate yourself, but let me share a secret: nobody is perfect.

     And I’ve learned to see that living between my black and white, my good and bad,bare so many shades of gray, and a myriad of colors.

     Every time you smile, and every time you give yourself, it makes you who you are, which is perfectly imperfect and strikingly attractive in its very own way.

     Please, dear darling, don’t call yourself those nasty names. I don’t believe you’re terrible, and I am sorry you feel that way, about yourself.

     We are all comprised of black and white and good and bad. Instead of placing your primary focus on blaming yourself and roller-coaster guilt-trips, look me in the eye, and I will tell you again and again, how beautiful, inspiring and strong your heart is.

     Yes, including those ups and downs. And maybe, just maybe, because of it, dear darling, you’re perfectly imperfect.

By: Gittere Schwartz 

For more information on Borderline Personality Disorder, click here.

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